Crowley Furniture & Mattress

Crowley Furniture is now Crowley Furniture & Mattress. The family-owned furniture store you’ve known and loved for over sixty years continues to offer the exceptional shopping experience you expect and deserve, with just a little extra added to our name.  #NewNotNew  New Name, Same Great Business Crowley Furniture & Mattress remains a hometown store withContinue reading “Crowley Furniture & Mattress”

9 Common Bedtime Habits That Could Be Ruining Your Whole Day

If you often feel rushed, tired and anxious, you probably look forward to relaxing in bed at the end of a long day. What you might not realize is that your habits at bedtime could be the reason your day was so disappointing in the first place. Here’s how your nighttime routine could be sabotagingContinue reading “9 Common Bedtime Habits That Could Be Ruining Your Whole Day”

5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

  At Crowley Furniture we are dedicated to helping the communities we serve get a better night’s sleep. That’s why we have a Perfect Sleep Center located in each of our stores in Liberty, Lee’s Summit and Overland Park. Our Sales Associates undergo extensive training so that they are the very best Mattress Specialists toContinue reading “5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep”

Furniture Safety: Choosing and Anchoring Your TV Stands

February Football & Furniture Safety February is a month characterized by heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, giant teddy bears, conversation candy and expressions of undying love. And what do we love with our whole hearts? FOOTBALL! February is also time to watch the big game. Whether you tuned in to catch the play-by-play, the ads, orContinue reading “Furniture Safety: Choosing and Anchoring Your TV Stands”

How To Shop For Mattresses

Do you need help understanding all the crazy terms surrounding mattress shopping these days? At Crowley Furniture you have a friend in the Mattress business. We’ve redesigned the Mattress section of our website to better assist you in your pre-shopping Mattress experience. Why do we say “pre-shopping”? Because the ONLY way to be sure you’re going toContinue reading “How To Shop For Mattresses”

Home Office Desk Ideas: Combining Style with Function

  Do you think a Blog about Home Office Desk Ideas won’t interest you because you don’t work from home as part of your job? You may want to reconsider because the big questions really are: Who needs a space in their home to organize and pay bills, read and write emails or store basicContinue reading “Home Office Desk Ideas: Combining Style with Function”

American-Made Furniture – It Does Exist!

Just like giant talking M&M’s and Santa Claus, American-Made Furniture does exist! This Labor Day, Crowley Furniture is honoring some of our manufacturing partners who provide American-Made Furniture, made possible through American workers! As the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day represents the exit of warm, lazy days and long daylight hours and announces theContinue reading “American-Made Furniture – It Does Exist!”

Explore The Options For Mattresses Overland Park Gets Excited About

It is a proven fact that not all mattresses are created equally. In fact, today’s modern mattresses vary widely in terms of overall quality, affordability and long-term reliability. Purchasing a quality mattress can have a big impact on one’s overall health and long-term quality of life. That is why it is so important to getContinue reading “Explore The Options For Mattresses Overland Park Gets Excited About”

Tax Amount Discount Special Offer

It’s that time of year for Crowley Furniture, your Kansas City furniture store, to offer our Tax Amount Discount. The more you purchase, the more you save. Please visit any of our three locations and consult with our knowledgeable, friendly staff for all of your furniture needs. Our Liberty showroom has been remodeled and isContinue reading “Tax Amount Discount Special Offer”