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Furniture Safety: Choosing and Anchoring Your TV Stands

Published On: February 6, 2018

February Football & Furniture Safety

February is a month characterized by heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, giant teddy bears, conversation candy and expressions of undying love. And what do we love with our whole hearts? FOOTBALL! February is also time to watch the big game. Whether you tuned in to catch the play-by-play, the ads, or the half-time show, you probably were watching on the biggest screen in your home.

While your own personal jumbotron may be all you need on game day, there are, however, 364 other days of the year to consider. With this in mind, it’s important to take into account the space around the TV and how you and your family use this area. If you plan to incorporate a piece of furniture that your TV will sit on there are several factors to think about. The size of your TV is, of course, key. You want to be sure the TV Stand can not only handle the width of the TV but can safely support its weight as well. Visually, you also want to be sure the TV Stand is proportionate to the TV. The larger your TV the beefier you’ll want your TV Stand to be. The BF, or “Beefiness Factor”, can be amped up not only by actual size but also color (darker colors tend to be more visually weighty) and features (chunky hardware and heavy detailing also add visual weight).

Another aspect to determining the right TV Stand for your home is the style of the room. While the TV Stand doesn’t need to be from the same collection or come from the same type of wood or even have the same finish, it should coordinate with your existing furnishings, color scheme and decorating style. “Blending” pieces within a space is key to keeping your room cohesive. “Matching” pieces is not important and, in fact, your room will be much more interesting if you mix it up! Click here to see Crowley Furniture’s diverse TV Stand collections.

While a TV Stand will help to make your TV area more engaging, it isn’t just a pretty face. TV Stands play an important function within a room. They also have the role of organizer, clutter concealer, cord hider, and technology keeper. Ask yourself what features would best match your use of this space. Do you want open shelves for books? Hidden storage for DVD’s and remotes? Glass doors for display? A few minutes of planning before you shop will help you get the piece that best suits you and your family.

Options are vast and varied when it comes to furniture that can accompany your TV. From a simple Console Table to a multi-purpose Media Stand to the big Daddy of them all, an entire Wall Unit, one thing remains constant: YOU MUST ANCHOR IT! To learn what this means, watch this important message about furniture safety from Greg Crowley and Brett Horn.

When bringing new wood furniture into your home, most will come with hardware provided by the manufacturer that allows you to anchor that piece to a wall. Look for these either stapled to the back or, if applicable, inside a drawer. If you have older furniture, complimentary Furniture Strap Kits are available at all three Crowley Furniture stores located in Liberty, Lee’s Summit and Overland Park. They are easy to install and only take a few moments of your time. Please take these few moments, they may prevent an accident or injury.

It may be cold and dreary outside but there are still plenty of reasons to love the second month of the year. We hope your TV is surrounded by the people and things you love all month long.

Spruce Up Your Home Office

Published On: January 14, 2016

If you work from home, a proper office space is required to have a place to concentrate that is separate from your home life. A good working space is especially important if you operate your small business out of your home. Your work-space should not only be functional, but attractive and appealing so it is a nice place to spend time in. A nice office space helps increase productivity.

The Right Space
Make sure your home office is located in the right space. It should be large enough furnish a desk and storage items for files and supplies. Your space should also be able to accommodate ergonomic equipment to prevent uncomfortable body strains. Ergonomic equipment includes stand-up desks, chairs, keyboards, and footrests and are worth the investment. To prevent eyestrain, make sure your space contains adequate light sources. Spaces with windows that provide natural light are optimal, but if windows are not available or if it is dark outside, make sure you have plenty of overhead lighting or working lamps.

You don’t have to spend much time and money to provide some appealing décor to your home office space. A few inspirational or decorative wall hangings and plants provide visual appeal and may help to reduce stress. Decorative storage and organization containers for files and supplies can also spruce up your space while providing visual appeal.  A few small details will make a big difference!

Crowley Furniture is your local and trusted furniture company for over 60 years and committed to providing quality discount furniture Kansas City homeowners trust. Our knowledgeable team boasts over 150 years of furniture experience and expertise. Contact us today to talk to an expert.

Designing A Home Office

Published On: March 6, 2015

The home office plays a variety of roles for many families including a 9-5 place of business, a place to pay bills, sort mail and store important documents, homework spot, computer gaming area and many more. In addition, many of us do not have a room dedicated for an office, instead we are using extra space in the kitchen, spare bedroom, living room, attic, basement or whatever nook we can find. When planning your home office space there are many things to take into consideration. Examining the overall function of your office and how much usage it is going to get is the first step. Is this a space you are actually running a business out of? If so, a larger space is needed in order to keep the professional business and family business separate. In this instance, having more than one desk or having a larger desk for the business and a smaller counter area for the family is a good suggestion. If the office is for general family usage, organization is key but a smaller space with one work area is sufficient.
Once the actual space and function have been determined, it is time to look at office furniture. There are a wide range of desks and workspace options available but the most important components to include are a lot of surface space, deep drawers and a high quality, durable material. Ample storage space can be achieved using shelving units and filing cabinets. Add a comfortable chair and additional seating area and your home office is almost complete.
When designing your home office, there is an opportunity to show your personality and lifestyle through photographs, knick knacks and accessories. Adding vibrant colors with a touch of whimsy through window treatments, pillows, rugs, lamps and art can brighten up your space and make this extension of your home welcoming and comfortable.

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Home Office Furniture Tips

Published On: July 1, 2014

More people than ever are working from their homes. In fact, according to Forbes magazine, 30 million Americans have begun telecommuting at least once a week. That figure is expected to rise by 63% in the years to come. Of course, one thing all those people will need is home office furniture. So here are some tips for making a comfortable, attractive, and productive in-house workstation.

Assess Your Needs
What kind of work will you be doing? Will clients be dropping by to see you? Will you be using specialized equipment that requires a certain kind of space and environment? These factors and more can affect the types of furnishings you choose. For example, design professionals may need to project a trendy, innovative look—the kind that modern-style home office furniture in Kansas City affords. On the other hand, attorneys, accountants, and members of other traditional professions might want to choose furnishings that project an air of refinement and heritage. Of course, if you won’t have customers visiting you, feel free to use whatever matches your personal tastes.

Count Your Time
Working from home is not the same as working at home. Salespeople and other professionals may spend much of their time on the road, only using their home office a few minutes or hours each day. The less time you spend in your office, the more you can choose style over comfort.
By the same token, those who use their office four or more hours a day will need to give priority to comfort, even if this limits their choices in home office furniture in Lee’s Summit. For example, a basic wooden chair is fine for sitting in a few minutes at a time. On the other hand, those who will be seated for longer periods will probably want a padded office chair with lumbar support and arm rests.

Actually, one of the most common problems home-based workers encounter when setting up their office is limited space. If this is true in your case, keep a couple of things in mind:
Virtually any area can be turned into a serviceable workspace with a little imagination and ingenuity. Wonderful home offices can be found in closets, on enclosed porches, and under stairwells. Basements also make for useful office space, though you may need to set up a dehumidifier to prevent moisture-related damage to your home office furniture and files.
Multipurpose units can serve double or triple duty as desks, bookcases, or printer stands. For example, secretary desks combine a work platform with ample storage for office supplies, books, and a laptop computer/printer, yet many of them fit easily into the corner of a room. Tower desks serve the same purpose, as do slant top desks. If you need help making the most of limited workspace, then contact the professionals at our in-store furniture design center for advice.

Home office furniture is an investment and should be regarded as such. So-called “bargain” pieces may save you a little money up-front, but they rarely offer satisfaction over the long term. That’s why you owe it to yourself to drop by Crowley Furniture. We sell premium-quality home office furnishings that will give you decades of satisfaction and dependable performance. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Office furniture to suit your personality

Published On: July 15, 2013

Looking for Office Furniture in Kansas City?


The days are gone when office furniture had to be utilitarian and boring. With the lifestyle of today office furniture needs to be pleasant looking and most important of all, it need to be comfortable.

With many hours spent in an office environment, you do not want your day to be a drudge, so creating an atmosphere to keep you happy and smiling is the way while you work.

The desk

Many people spend a considerable amount of time on the computer, so it is essential to have a desk with good workspace. Modern designs of desk furniture include pull out sections for keyboards and easy to reach cubby- holes for pens and other miscellaneous items. Alternatively, maybe your preference is a desk with drawers to keep your bits and pieces in.

Desks are no longer confined to spaces in commercial ventures. Many people now prefer to work from home as this offers a more peaceful working environment. Made out of wood, plastic or even steel, desks come in all shapes and sizes, dependant on the amount of room space you can allocate for them.

Often the traditional style of desk is made with material that is low-grade and fussily styled. The trend now is to go for a sleek and easy to clean desk that at the same time is pleasant looking.

The Chair

It is very important to use an office chair with a good backrest. The high back office chairs are the most beneficial for your posture, as they give good support for your back. Office chairs may be covered in leather, leatherette, fabric or plastic, or else can come in a shaped plastic chair. They are produced with, or without armrests. A good idea is to pay a visit to a branch of Crowley Furniture and have a look at what they have on offer. Sit in the chairs on display in the showroom and find one that you are really comfortable in, before you buy.

The bookcase

With a home office in so many houses, bookcases look so much more relaxing than the stuffy old filing cabinets of the past. With computer use now the most common, there is no need to have lots of files and paperwork lying around untidily cluttering up spaces. Usually it is possible for most equipment that you want to use, to lay on a bookcase shelf.

Design and décor

The design and the décor of your office should be representative of the work that you do. If you work with plans and other blueprints, you require lots of desk space. If you only work with a computer, then only a relatively small space is needed.

Pot plants and a colored rug on the floor give a bright and cheerful look to an office, whether in an office block or else an office at home. Remember to have a chair for guests to sit on or for an employee that you are giving lengthy instructions.