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Published On: January 23, 2019

Crowley Furniture is now Crowley Furniture & Mattress.

New Crowley Furniture Name

The family-owned furniture store you’ve known and loved for over sixty years continues to offer the exceptional shopping experience you expect and deserve, with just a little extra added to our name.

 #NewNotNew  New Name, Same Great Business

Crowley FamilyCrowley Furniture & Mattress remains a hometown store with three convenient locations in the Kansas City area, accessible Sales Consultants who care about customer satisfaction, value-focused selections featuring current trends and timeless classics and exceptional service from beginning to end. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly Sectional, a Bedroom Set for your personal sanctuary or the Mattress that will give you that perfect night’s sleep, you can shop with confidence knowing our priority is your style, lifestyle and budget.

 Why THE Change?

We want everyone to know we are as dedicated to helping our customers improve the quality of their lives through quality sleep, as we are committed to providing exceptional furniture for the rest of the home. That’s why we’ve created a Perfect Sleep Center in each of our stores. Our Perfect Sleep Centers, along with our trained Mattress Specialists, combine a comfortable environment and the latest industry knowledge to help you make the perfect Mattress choice and take the stress and anxiety out of Mattress shopping.

For over 60 years the Crowley family has been selling Mattresses to the Kansas City community. Mattress technology has changed significantly since 1954 and we’ve grown and changed along with it. We’ve also learned a lot about shopping for Mattresses and know this process can be intimidating. With so much scientific input, along with a wide assortment of bells and whistles, determining the Mattress that will give you your best night’s sleep can become an overwhelming experience. That’s why, to make your shopping process smooth and pleasant, Greg Crowley hand-selects the top Mattresses from the leading manufacturers in the bedding industry. When you visit our Perfect Sleep Centers, you’ll be welcomed by an expert Mattress Specialist and a manageable selection of Mattress options in all sizes, types, technologies and budgets.

Welcome To The Perfect Sleep Center

At Crowley Furniture & Mattress, we know that every person is different, we also know there is a Mattress for every person based on those differences. The key is finding that perfect match and that’s what makes us different than all other furniture and mattress stores. Your perfect Mattress match takes into consideration your size, shape, sleeping style and budget. It is these specific criteria that guide Greg’s choices when he personally selects the Mattress brands and types you’ll find in our stores.

  • Brand

Having worked with Mattresses since he was a teen, Greg has an unrivalled, insider understanding of Mattress manufacturers. He aligns himself with those brands that share the same business practices and principles as him and his family. These “customer-first” partnerships guarantee the best service from start to finish of your buying process. Our Perfect Sleep Centers carry top-selling Mattresses from Tempur-Pedic, Serta, Stearns & Foster, Sealy, Justice and Southerland, all manufacturers who also feature the highest level of research and development teams proving a deep-seated loyalty to ground-breaking technology.

  • Type

Mattress materials have a big impact on the comfort and performance of a Mattress and Greg has selected the best of a wide range of Innerspring, Memory Foam, Hybrid Serta Hybrid Cut Awayand Natural Latex options. His carefully chosen collections and our Mattress Specialist’s thorough understanding of each type will prove to be a valuable asset to your shopping experience and final decision, and ultimately, your quality of sleep.

  • Comfort Level

Comfort levels range from Firm to Medium to Soft to Ultra Soft and every individual has a unique response to each level. We offer a variety of comfort levels so, once we determine your sleeping style, we’re sure to have something that fits you just right.

  • Budget

While Comfort is King, Budget is Key. We understand everyone works with a budget and would never try to introduce you to a bed that was not within your financial comfort zone. While Mattress costs vary greatly, Greg has chosen our selections with price range as a priority. You will find Mattresses in our Perfect Sleep Centers at every price point. Plus, our helpful Financing options can assist with turning your investment into manageable monthly payments.

With Crowley Furniture & Mattress Perfect Sleep Centers you’ll love the helpful head start in the search for your best night’s sleep.

Making The Most Of Your Mattress

Once you’ve discovered your perfect Mattress match, it’s important to ensure that it’s properly supported with a quality base. Many of today’s Mattresses are quite heavy and when combined with the weight of those sleeping on top, base support becomes a key consideration. Here too, you have options, and our Mattress Specialists will guide you through this discussion.

  • The Standard Base: Formerly known as Box Springs, the Standard Base provides support throughout the Mattress so that it performs at its best for many years to come. With a 9” height, this base consists of a sturdy wood frame.
  • The Low Pro Base: This base is almost identical to the Standard Base except it is only 5” in height. Some bed styles and people with limited mobility often benefit from an overall lower bed height.
  • The Adjustable Base: Also known as a Power Base or a Lifestyle Base, the Adjustable BaseAdjustable Base is making a statement in the Bedroom. Operated with a remote control, Adjustable Bases provide many health and relaxation benefits. With the ability to raise the head and feet independently, you’ll discover an unlimited number of comfort positions. Adjustable Bases can be paired with most Mattresses and most Beds.
  • Platform or Storage Beds: If your Bed is either a Platform Bed or a Storage Bed, you most likely will not require a separate base. The Mattress will sit directly on either a wood platform or wood slats. Since the platform or slats play the role of Mattress support, you’ll want to be sure these items are sturdy enough to do the job well. Talk to your Mattress Specialist about your Bed components, if there is a concern, they can suggest alternatives such as our heavy-duty metal Support Systems.

Tips For A Successful Mattress Shopping Experience

A quality, pleasant Mattress shopping experience actually begins at home. With a little pre-shopping prep work, you are ensured to have the most ideal Mattress outing possible. Here are some Mattress Shopping Tips from Greg:

  • Wear comfortable clothing You can’t find the right Mattress if you don’t lie down, wear something comfortable so you can easily twist and turn to test all sleeping positions
  • Allow Ample Time You will need to experience several different beds to determine which is best for you, spending time on each one will assist you in making the best choice
  • Ask Questions We care about helping you choose your perfect Mattress, we want to hear all your questions and concerns so we can talk through them together
  • Come Prepared Know your space and furniture requirements so you can discuss with your Mattress Specialist to be sure your new Mattress will accommodate not only your sleeping needs but also your room and bedroom furnishing


For more details on Greg’s Mattress Shopping Tips click here.

Don’t forget the Fluff

Storm Series PillowsAs with any ensemble, be sure to properly accessorize to maximum results. Pillows can make a significant impact on your quality of sleep and that’s why we chose Bedgear as our Pillow manufacturing partner. Bedgear knows there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for deep sleep and their bedding accessories work hard for you through the development of the most advanced technologies that create bedding accessories that adapt to you. They don’t just wrap fabric around cotton balls and call it a pillow, their Performance Pillows align your spine and keep your body temperature ideal on the Pillow that’s fit for you.

In addition to Pillows, our Mattress Protectors from Bedgear are important to the life and performance of your chosen Mattress. These revolutionary protectors sleep cool, dry and clean throughout the night. Unlike old-school Mattress Pads that are thick and cumbersome, these thin protectors won’t interfere with the interaction between you and your Mattress. Since many Mattresses react to your body weight and temperature it’s important that you have minimal material between you and the Mattress. Additionally, an easily laundered Mattress Protector will live up to its name and protect your Mattress from soiling and staining which can void it’s warranty.

Rest Assured with our 90-Day Perfect Sleep Guarantee

Now that you know how dedicated we are to helping you find the perfect Mattress, we want you to truly rest assured with our 90-Day Perfect Sleep Guarantee. Available on select Mattresses, our promise to you is that if, within 90 days, you are not satisfied with the comfort of your Mattress, we invite you to reselect. Click here for eligibility requirements and exclusions with our Perfect Sleep Guarantee.

Your Soul Mattress-Mate

No matter what your sleeping style, comfort level or budget parameters may be, your perfect Mattress match is out there. Visit our Perfect Sleep Center closest to you and let us help you find it.

“At Crowley Furniture we don’t waGreg Crowleynt to just sell you a bed, we want to give you a great night’s sleep.”
-Greg Crowley

9 Common Bedtime Habits That Could Be Ruining Your Whole Day

Published On: September 19, 2018

If you often feel rushed, tired and anxious, you probably look forward to relaxing in bed at the end of a long day. What you might not realize is that your habits at bedtime could be the reason your day was so disappointing in the first place. Here’s how your nighttime routine could be sabotaging other areas of your life.

 1. Resolving conflicts with your partner

 It’s more productive to hash out disagreements in the morning. The old adage “never go to bed angry” might not be so wise after all. Staying up to hash out an argument could not only cut into your sleep time but also leave you feeling too worked up to doze off.

 A better alternative: “Agreeing to disagree for the time being,” said Sara Stanizai, a licensed therapist and owner of Prospect Therapy in Long Beach, California. “I guarantee you won’t solve anything if you’re exhausted and activated by anger, stress and hurt feelings.”

 Rather, focus on calming yourself and getting rest; you’ll have a much more productive conversation in the morning.

 2. Failing to follow a proper skin care routine ― or just using face wipes

 Wash your face every night to avoid breakouts. There are few fates worse than waking up to a major breakout, especially the morning before a big meeting or date night. Yet more than half of Americans risk that outcome every day by going to bed without washing their faces.

 Even if you don’t wear makeup, you still need to cleanse your skin of the sweat, oils and pollution that builds up throughout the day. “If you’re too tired or depressed to wash your face, something is up,” Stanizai said. “It might be a sign that you’re not getting enough sleep, or your mood is out of sync.”

 Fortunately, a proper skincare routine is just as good for your mental health as it is for your complexion. Set aside 10 minutes in the evening to take care of your face. Just be sure to toss your face wipes ― they actually make your skin worse.

 3. Working out

 Exercising earlier in the day can help you fall asleep sooner.

 Some of us can’t even be paid to work out. So if you’re one of the admirable few who exercises on a regular basis, you certainly shouldn’t quit. Just know that if you exercise too late in the evening, you might not get as much sleep as you need.

 “Exercising is a healthy habit, but the timing of exercise is very important; exercising too late in the day can disrupt your sleep,” said Leslie Fischer, founder of Sustainable Slumber, a website dedicated to helping eco-minded people get a good night’s sleep. The reason, she says, is that it disrupts your circadian rhythm.

 “If you exercise too late in the day, this is a tacit signal to our bodies that it is time to be awake and active. This can make it difficult to fall asleep at night,” Fischer said.

 So if you can, schedule workouts for the afternoon instead. Even better, try working out in the morning for an added boost to your mood and productivity.

 4. Lighting up

 Nicotine before bed can keep you up.

 We don’t have to tell you how bad smoking is for your health; that’s your own personal choice. But if you’re going to do it, try to avoid lighting up close to bedtime.

 Nicotine is a stimulant, Stanizai noted. Smoking before bed could make it difficult to fall asleep, which means you’ll feel groggy and irritable the next day if you don’t allow enough time before you hit the hay. “Give yourself at least two hours if you can,” she said.

 5. Relying on a glass of wine to wind down

 Alcohol has a negative effect on the quality of your sleep.

 The same goes for your nightcap. “Alcohol may help you feel drowsy, but it actually negatively affects how you sleep,” said Dr. Dawn Dore-Stites, an assistant professor in the Department of Pediatrics and Sleep Disorder Center at the University of Michigan.

 Specifically, she said, alcohol affects how you cycle through sleep, causing you to wake up more often and experience less deep sleep. So instead of relying on alcohol, consider drinking herbal tea or warm milk to relax.

 6. Checking out what’s trending and tweeting

 Viewing social media causes your body to release stress hormones.

 A final scroll through your social media feed before bed might seem harmless, but catching up on those posts could make it tougher to get a restful night’s sleep.

 “Research has shown that people experience hormonal changes in the brain when they look at social media,” said Beatrice Tauber Prior, a clinical psychologist and the founder of Harborside Wellbeing in Cornelius, North Carolina. “The brain signals the adrenal gland to secrete cortisol and adrenaline.”

 Triggering the release of these “stress hormones” will boost your energy levels ― the last thing you want when going to bed. “In the long run, elevations of these hormones impair cognition and can increase depression and anxiety,” Prior said. You’re better off saving that status update for the morning.

 7. Using your phone in bed, period

 Your bed should be for rest and &%! only.

 The blue light produced from screens such as your smartphone has been proven to keep you awake and contribute to the development of serious diseases such as obesity and breast cancer.

 Plus, according to Gray, you give your co-workers the green light to keep emailing you at 11:30 p.m. “If you’re super busy, you could set an ‘out of office’ message at night, letting people know when they can expect to hear from you the next day. They’ll still feel taken care of while you take the space you need to rest and have fun,” Gray said.

 8. Eating late-night snacks

 You can’t fall asleep if your body is busy digesting.

 Late-night snackers might want to put down the Doritos. Regularly munching on something salty or sweet before bed means those calories are more likely to be stored as fat, rather than burned for energy. That’s a fast track to weight gain, which can cause bigger issues such as diabetes and other chronic diseases down the road.

But even in the short term, eating too close to bedtime can disrupt your sleep. “When the body is working on digesting food, it’s not able to rest properly. This can lead to a night of poor-quality sleep plus digestive cycles that are thrown off the next day,” Gray said.

Instead, try to give yourself a few hours between eating and bedtime. And if you find that you’re ravenous after dinner, try adding more protein and healthy fats to your meal.

 9. Neglecting your hair

 Tying up your hair leads to breakage.

 If you’re a nighttime bather, taking the time to dry your hair after a shower might seem like a giant pain. But flopping into bed with wet hair only makes your morning routine tougher.

 “Rubbing wet hair against a pillow while you toss and turn at night causes issues like breakage. It also means you’re likely to wake up with a wild, frizzy mess,” said Brandie Flores, a licensed stylist and senior district leader for Supercuts in the San Antonio, Texas, area.

 And while that messy bun might have given you the perfect bedhead look for daytime, be sure to take it down before actually getting into bed. “Leaving that hair tie in causes a lot of tension on your hair overnight. That results in breakage and usually a kink in your hair the next day,” Flores said.

 If you don’t want to leave your hair down, Flores recommends braiding it instead, which can give your hair a nice wave and cut down on styling time the next day. 

Lastly, there’s no substitute for the right Mattress and Foundation. Visit any of our Perfect Sleep Centers located within each of our stores in Liberty, Lee’s Summit and Overland Park and our Mattress Specialists will help match you to the perfect Mattress and Foundation combo that will help you get a great night’s sleep.

5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

Published On: May 23, 2018


At Crowley Furniture we are dedicated to helping the communities we serve get a peaceful sleepbetter night’s sleep. That’s why we have a Perfect Sleep Center located in each of our stores in Liberty, Lee’s Summit and Overland Park. Our Sales Associates undergo extensive training so that they are the very best Mattress Specialists to assist you in finding the perfect Mattress and Foundation combination for your body type, sleep style and relaxation needs.

Serta Twin XL BlueMax 3000 MattressSerta, our manufacturing partner of the iComfort Hybrid and Memory Foam Series’, is also committed to better understanding quality sleep patterns and triggers. They’ve shared this article on potential causes of sleep disruption because the more you know the better you’ll sleep and better sleep often means a better life.

There are a lot of things that can disrupt your sleep, but these are some of the most common mistakes you may be making, and how to fix them.  

By Elizabeth Grace Saunders 

Getting a good night’s sleep can change everything: your mental function goes up, your negativity goes down, and your productivity skyrockets. All this is yours for the low price of free. But taking advantage of this special sleep offer can feel surprisingly difficult. As a time management coach, I’ve seen that getting to bed on time and falling asleep are an art and a science. These are five of the top reasons that people don’t get enough sleep, and what you can do about it.

Problem: You Don’t Know When To Go To Bed
Solution: Set A Bedtime Goal

Many people haven’t stopped to think about when they need to go to bed to get enough hours of sleep. If you fall into that camp, simply count back from the time when you want to get up to figure out your ideal bedtime. For most adults, the average hours of sleep they need is in the six- to eight-hour zone. If you’re not sure how many you need, you can try out different lengths of time until you settle on what makes you feel well-rested. If you have young children who will likely wake up in the middle of the night, you’ll want to tack on an extra hour or two to give yourself a margin.

 Problem: You Try To Go T Bed As Soon As You Get Home                                                                                                                              Solution: Give Yourself Time To Decompress                                  

Most of us need some time between when we come home and when we go to bed. Individuals vary of course, but in my observation, most people need at least an hour between coming home from a social event and falling asleep, or at least two hours between arriving home from work and falling asleep. The time spent at home is for eating dinner, getting the house in order, connecting with people, and decompressing. Getting home earlier has a high probability of making it easier for you to get to bed earlier.

 Problem: Stealing Time From Sleep To Decompress
Solution: Set Aside 30-60 Minutes of Unstructured Time

Because many individuals don’t acknowledge the importance of decompression time, they end up “stealing” it from sleep time instead of factoring it into their evening routines. This can lead to behaviors like staying up later than you want to watch Netflix. We all need time for our brains to unwind. Instead of denying that need, own up to it and factor it into your evening. If possible, set aside 30-60 minutes of intentional decompression time to watch TV, read, journal, exercise, mess around on your phone, or do whatever else that makes you happy. Wanting unstructured time is valid. You’ll increase your overall productivity by giving yourself permission to have downtime during normal waking hours instead of paying for it when you “sneak it in” late.

Problem: Doing Things Before Bed That Make You Too Hyped Up
Solution: Shut Down Those Things At Least One Hour Before Bed

PlannSheep with number five on it jumping over fenceing an intentional chill time earlier in the evening serves two purposes: It gets you to bed earlier and reduces stimulation late in the evening so that you can fall asleep faster once you do get to bed. Pay attention to what causes you to become more alert, and then consciously reduce those activities as you get closer to the time when you want to count sheep. Here are a few common culprits that you’ll do best disengaging with at least 60 minutes before you want to call it a night:

  • Highly engaging TV programs and movies
  • Email
  • Loud,  upbeat music
  • Bright lights
  • Screens in general, including computer, TV, and phone
  • Phone conversations
  • Eating or drinking


Increase Calm

You may be thinking, Everything you just told me not to do is what I typically do in the hour before bed. That may be exactly why you’re reading this article about getting to bed on time and falling to sleep quickly. You need help. The good news is there are alternatives that can assist you in getting to bed on time and sleeping better:

  • Start getting ready for bed early. This gives you ample time to follow all of your dentist’s instructions. As a bonus, if you get tired before bedtime, you can immediately roll into bed and get some extra quality time with your pillow.
  • Take a warm bath or shower to calm down and reduce the time you need to get ready in the morning.
  • Spend time journaling, meditating, or praying to calm your mind, release negative emotions, and stop spinning thoughts.
  • Do gentle stretching to release tension in your body.
  • Read a book—as long as it’s one you can put down.
  • Talk to your spouse about the day—nothing intense like discussing your budget, but simply catching up or talking about something funny that happened.


Despite popular belief, you don’t need to settle for a life of sleep deprivation. By following these guidelines, you can improve your sleep and live a happier, healthier, and more productive life.


To get started on your new journey to better sleep, browse our website then visit one of our Perfect Sleep Centers located inside each of our stores.

sleeping couple happy


Furniture Safety: Choosing and Anchoring Your TV Stands

Published On: February 6, 2018

February Football & Furniture Safety

February is a month characterized by heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, giant teddy bears, conversation candy and expressions of undying love. And what do we love with our whole hearts? FOOTBALL! February is also time to watch the big game. Whether you tuned in to catch the play-by-play, the ads, or the half-time show, you probably were watching on the biggest screen in your home.

While your own personal jumbotron may be all you need on game day, there are, however, 364 other days of the year to consider. With this in mind, it’s important to take into account the space around the TV and how you and your family use this area. If you plan to incorporate a piece of furniture that your TV will sit on there are several factors to think about. The size of your TV is, of course, key. You want to be sure the TV Stand can not only handle the width of the TV but can safely support its weight as well. Visually, you also want to be sure the TV Stand is proportionate to the TV. The larger your TV the beefier you’ll want your TV Stand to be. The BF, or “Beefiness Factor”, can be amped up not only by actual size but also color (darker colors tend to be more visually weighty) and features (chunky hardware and heavy detailing also add visual weight).

Another aspect to determining the right TV Stand for your home is the style of the room. While the TV Stand doesn’t need to be from the same collection or come from the same type of wood or even have the same finish, it should coordinate with your existing furnishings, color scheme and decorating style. “Blending” pieces within a space is key to keeping your room cohesive. “Matching” pieces is not important and, in fact, your room will be much more interesting if you mix it up! Click here to see Crowley Furniture’s diverse TV Stand collections.

While a TV Stand will help to make your TV area more engaging, it isn’t just a pretty face. TV Stands play an important function within a room. They also have the role of organizer, clutter concealer, cord hider, and technology keeper. Ask yourself what features would best match your use of this space. Do you want open shelves for books? Hidden storage for DVD’s and remotes? Glass doors for display? A few minutes of planning before you shop will help you get the piece that best suits you and your family.

Options are vast and varied when it comes to furniture that can accompany your TV. From a simple Console Table to a multi-purpose Media Stand to the big Daddy of them all, an entire Wall Unit, one thing remains constant: YOU MUST ANCHOR IT! To learn what this means, watch this important message about furniture safety from Greg Crowley and Brett Horn.

When bringing new wood furniture into your home, most will come with hardware provided by the manufacturer that allows you to anchor that piece to a wall. Look for these either stapled to the back or, if applicable, inside a drawer. If you have older furniture, complimentary Furniture Strap Kits are available at all three Crowley Furniture stores located in Liberty, Lee’s Summit and Overland Park. They are easy to install and only take a few moments of your time. Please take these few moments, they may prevent an accident or injury.

It may be cold and dreary outside but there are still plenty of reasons to love the second month of the year. We hope your TV is surrounded by the people and things you love all month long.

How To Shop For Mattresses

Published On: February 15, 2017

Do you need help understanding all the crazy terms surrounding mattress shopping these days? At Crowley Furniture you have a friend in the Mattress business. We’ve redesigned the Mattress section of our website to better assist you in your pre-shopping Mattress experience. Why do we say “pre-shopping”? Because the ONLY way to be sure you’re going to get your best night’s sleep is to visit one of our Perfect Sleep Centers in any of our three stores and lie on them for yourself. Our Sales Associates have been trained by Greg Crowley himself, who has been selling mattresses for over 50 years, as well as representatives from each of our manufacturers. They care about the quality of your sleep knowing that it impacts the quality of your life.


When visiting our website Mattresses page you’ll have many choices to view when selecting a Mattress. This is your first step. It is our goal to help you better understand some of the terms and options available in the Mattress industry today so you can make a better, more educated decision. Choose any of our filters in any order:

  • FILTER BY BRAND  At Crowley Furniture we carry the top rated Mattresses from trusted leading bedding manufacturers. Get to know them a little better through their roots:

o   Sealy: A look back on the history of Sealy details a reputation built on over 130 years how to shop for mattresses Sealy Mattressesof experience, iconic branding and innovative technology. In 1881 Daniel Haynes, cotton gin owner, invented a Mattress stuffed with cotton in Sealy, TX. And Sealy was born. In 1950 the first Posturepedic Mattress was introduced with “additional back support”. In 2012 a new line of gel memory foam Mattresses was introduced called the Optimum series. In 2013 Sealy introduced its first Hybrid Mattresses consisting of half memory foam/half innersprings. Now Sealy truly had something for everyone.

o   Tempur-Pedic: Based on a product developed in the 1960’s by NASA, Tempur Innovation began when scientists invented Tempur Material and reinvented the Mattress. Tempur Material reacts continuously to your body’s specific shape, weight and temperature delivering the cushioning you want and the support you need to fully relax. Tempur scientists continue to innovate to reach their goal of a bed for every body.

o   Serta: Serta has been a pioneer in comfort since they introduced their very first how to shop for mattresses sleep-sheep-5Perfect Sleeper Mattress to the world in 1931. Since then, they’ve brought many “firsts” to the industry, including their breakthrough iComfort Sleep System featuring the latest in gel memory foam technology. In 2000 the beloved Serta Counting Sheep were introduced as brand icons. In 2012 Serta achieved the ranking of #1 Mattress manufacturer in the United States.

o   Stearns & Foster: More than 165 years ago George Stearns and Seth Foster dreamed of something bigger and better. Since 1846 Stearns & Foster has been hand-crafting Mattresses with the very best materials available. But how to shop for mattresses stearnsfoster_craftsmengroupmaterial quality is only half the story. Stearns & Foster puts just as much emphasis on crafting quality. And crafting quality takes time. Twice the time, in fact. Each Stearns & Foster Mattress is meticulously crafted taking twice as long to construct. Experience the Stearns & Foster difference and discover their Legacy of Innovation.

o   Justice: Founded in 1957 in Lebanon, Missouri by Bill and Lois Wampler, Justice Furniture and Bedding proudly serves quality products throughout the Midwest. Still housed in the same location as the original manufacturing plant, the company is run today by Bill and Lois’ son Dan and their granddaughter Angie. Justice focuses on natural latex, also called Talalay latex, Mattresses and no one does it better than them.

  • FILTER BY TYPE  We’re often asked “What’s the best Mattress?” The answer to that is simple: The best Mattress is the one that’s right for you. It’s not always the most expensive or the most technologically advanced but the one that fits you jushow to shop for mattresses Tempur-Flex-Line-exportt right. Here’s what’s going on under those Mattress covers that makes each Mattress unique:

o   Innerspring: A traditional Mattress made of individually pocketed coil springs encased
in layers of foam padding for maximum support, minimum motion transfer and the ability to conform to your body shape.

how to shop for mattresses Tempur-Flex-Line-exporto   Hybrid: A Mattress made of individually pocketed coil springs on the bottom half and high-quality latex or memory foam on the top half  to provide comfort and  deep-down to shop for mattresses ico_savantiii_ps_cutaway

o   Memory Foam: A Mattress made of layers of specialty foam that conforms to your body temperature, shape and size and eliminates pressure-points.

how to shop for mattresses cutout of layers

o  Tempur- Pedic: Both a brand and a type, Tempur-Pedic is the ultimate foam Mattress made of a uniquely premiere specialty foam material that responds to your body temperature, shape and size.

o   Natural Latex: A Mattress made of latexhow to shop for mattresses natural-latex-cut-away-2
foam that supports your body shape and size and eliminates pressure points while remaining quickly responsive to your movements.

  • FILTER BY COMFORT  This topic is difficult to categorize since comfort is a very relative matter. No two person’s comfort level is the same. How an individual determines if a Mattress is soft or firm depends on many factors and personal preferences. What one person may find super firm another may find not firm enough. With that understanding, we’ve grouped our Mattresses into four levels of firmness that are meant to be a guideline rather than a rule.

    o   Firm: Provides inner core support with a compressed padded top for added firmness.

    o   Medium-Firm: Provides inner core support with a slightly padded top for a moderately soft feel.

    o   Plush: Provides inner core support with multiple padded top layers for cushiony comfort.

    o   Ultra-Plush: Provides inner core support with multiple padded top layers, often a pillow-top, for super softness.

  • FILTER BY SIZE  Our website features a Mattress size chart that shows the differences between standard Mattresses. Here’s a breakdown of how Mattress sizing works:

o   Twin: A Twin size bed is 39” wide and 75” long. It is perfect for a kid or teen room, a senior downsizing to a smaller space or anyone living in cozy quarters.

o   Twin XL: A Twin XL (short for Extra Long) is 39” wide and 80” long. This size mattress is common for college students living in dorms or campus apartments. The extra length requires sheets specifically made for Twin XL beds.

o   Full: A Full size bed is 54” wide and 75” long. This size is also referred to as a double bed. It is often used as a next-step bed in kid and teen rooms. Antique beds often require this size along with smaller rooms accommodating two sleepers. Actual sleep surface for each individual is the same amount as in a baby crib so, if space allows, most adults prefer to go up in size.

o   Queen: A Queen size bed is 60” wide and 80” long. This is the most common size bed sold today. Being 6” wider and 5” longer than a Full size, it is comfortable for two adults without overtaking a mid-size room.

o   King: A King size bed is 78” wide and 80” long, the same length as a Queen. The King size bed is increasing in popularity but requires a larger sized room to allow space to move around beside it and at the foot as well as space needed for dressers, nightstands and other bedroom furnishings.

o   California King: A California King size bed is 72” wide and 85” long. While not a commonly purchased size, it is popular with folks that are taller as it is the longest mattress available.

  • FILTER BY PRICE  Budget is always a consideration when making any purchase and our Sales Associates factor this in when helping you select your Mattress. Think carefully about your bedding budget, we often compromise in this area for a number of reasons such as the belief that all Mattresses are the same, no one ever sees it and we’d rather put more money into other home furnishings. While a Mattress purchase doesn’t offer an opportunity to select fun fabrics or improve the look of your home it genuinely affects your quality of life. Without truly restful sleep you can’t be the best you when you’re awake. Isn’t that worth a bigger budget? To help you with your budget considerations, we’ve categorized our Mattresses into the following groups:

o   $500 or less

o   $500 to $1000

o   $1000 to $2000

o   $2000 to $3000

o   $3000 to $4000

o   $4000 or more


Selecting the actual Mattress is the first step of your Mattress buying experience. The second is to determine which type of foundation best suits you and your lifestyle. There are two main options for a foundation but each has several variables to consider. Watch this video of Greg Crowley as he explains Mattress foundations: 

As Greg described there are many types of foundations available to you, each has it’s features and benefits:

  • Box Springs: A basic wood frame with cross supports that gives a Mattress a solid base for strength and stability.

o   Traditional: This 9” height Box Springs is the most frequently used as a Mattress foundation, it is also the lowest priced of all foundations.

o   Lo-Profile: This 5” height Box Springs is available for those who want their bed to sit lower off the floor. It is offered at the same price as a Traditional Box Springs.

  • Adjustable Bases: Becoming increasingly more popular, these bases are used by all ages. Losing the stigma of a “hohow to shop for mattresses ico_lifestyle_4spital bed”, Adjustable Bases have now become known as “Lifestyle Bases” providing higher levels of customized comfort for all you need to do from bed such as watching TV, reading, reducing snoring, working on a laptop or tablet, reducing acid reflux and more. Just about any Mattress can accommodate an Adjustable Base and with a variety of features, any budget can afford an Adjustable Base.

o   Head-Up only: A remote control, usually wired, raises your head into a more comfortable position.

o   Head and Feet Up: A remote control raises your head and feet independently for a more natural rest position.

o   Massaging: A remote control raises your head and feet and also offers zoned massaging at various intensities.

o   Electronics Compatible: In addition to raising your head and feet and massage capabilities, control your Adjustable Base from your mobile device and plug in or charge electronics from ports directly on the Adjustable Base.


Bedding Accessories such as Pillows and Mattress Protectors can also play a big role in your Who is BedGear - Sleep Fuels Everything. - BGsleep experience. Our pillows from BedGear, the folks who believe Sleep Fuels Everything, are scientifically crafted to accommodate every type of sleeper. Their Pillows are customized by sleeping style such as back, stomach or side sleepers as well as by body type. Our Sales Associates can help fit you for your perfect Pillow. Click here to see how Laura Crowley finds her perfect Pillow.

Mattress Protectors are also key, not to improve comfort but to protect your investment from stains or spills that may affect your warranty. Their liquid-resistant properties will keep your Mattress clean while not interfering with its responsiveness. And what could be more simple than removing the Mattress Protector, tossing it in the washer and dryer and replacing it on your bed? Easy breezy.


Cambridge - Queen/King Panel Storage Bed - ICB-412,402,403When our Delivery Team arrives at your door with your new Mattress Set, we want to be sure there are no unwanted surprises. Your Sales Associate will ask you about the bed that you will be using with the Mattress Set you’re considering. Does it have a Headboard? Does it have a Footboard? Is it a Storage Bed? These questions are vital to be sure all of the components of your bed and Mattress Set will work together.


To make your Mattress shopping experience the best it can be, consider these tips from Greg Crowley:

  • Wear comfortable clothing – It is impossible to successfully shop for Mattresses without lying down. All of our beds have foot covers so you can comfortably put your feet up on the bed without worry. You will also need to be able to turn and roll over while testing the Mattresses.
  • Allow Ample Time – With all of the options for Mattresses these days you should not rush through your research process. Plan to try out many different styles of Mattresses spending several minutes on each one to truly get the feel for how it contours and conforms to your body. You will also want to be sure to test each of the Mattresses from different positions: lying on your back, side and stomach, spending extra time in your favorite sleep position.
  • Ask Questions – Technology is changing rapidly in the world of Mattresses. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your Sales Associate, that’s what they’re here for.
  • Come Prepared – Be sure to know the size of your bed (measure if you are unsure) and what you will be placing the Mattress on. Your Sales Associate will need this information to correctly advise you through the process.


Are there still some things that you find a bit unclear? Here are the answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Mattress Questions:

  • Do I need a Mattress Pad or Protector? You absolutely need a Mattress Protector but be leery of a mattress pad. A mattress pad implies just that, the covering is made of padding and you want to stay away from extra layers between you and the Mattress technology that is conforming to your specific body temperature and weight.
  • Can I buy a Mattress only? All of our Mattresses can be purchased separately from a box springs or other foundation to be used with beds that require a Mattress only such as a storage or platform bed.
  • Can I use my existing box springs? We always recommend purchasing a Mattress and box springs or foundation as a set. The foundation plays a very important role in supporting your Mattress and those that sleep on it. Even though a box springs may not show wear and tear it actually is weakening on the inside and after time will not be able to successfully support the weight we put on top of it.
  • Do you haul away old Mattress Sets? Yes. When your new Mattress is delivered our drivers will be happy to haul away your old Mattress and box springs.
  • Is there a fee to haul away old Mattress Sets? There is a small fee that we charge for this service which covers our cost to dispose of the items.
  • Will your Delivery Team set-up my new Mattress? Absolutely. Our Delivery Team will bring your new Mattress Set into your bedroom and put it in place. If you’ve purchased an Adjustable Foundation they will plug it in and be sure all functions are working properly.
  • What do I need to do to prepare for my Mattress delivery? We ask that you clear the walk to your door of snow and ice as well as the path to the bedroom of any obstacles. Remove all covers, sheets and pillows from the existing Mattress so our Delivery Team can put your new Mattress Set in place.
  • What if I don’t like my Mattress after it’s delivered? Some Mattresses are non-returnable which is why we work so hard to be sure you select the best Mattress for your needs. There are, however, Mattresses that come with a 90-Day Comfort Guarantee. Click here to learn more about it.
  •  What does “Dual King” mean? Most King  beds consist of one mattress and two Twin XL how to shop for mattresses tempur-flex_supremefoundations that make up the king box springs or base. A dual king is actually two separate Twin XL mattress each on its own Twin XL Adjustable Foundation. This creates a standard King size bed but will allow each individual to separately control their Adjustable Foundation settings.
  • Should I flip my mattress? Mattresses are not made to be flipped anymore however they should be rotated approximately every six months.

All of our Crowley Furniture stores in the Kansas City area have a wide variety ohow to shop for mattresses happy-sleepersf Mattresses for you to test. Why wait to have your best sleep ever, visit us today. In Liberty, Lee’s Summit and Overland Park, we make Sweet Dreams our business.


Home Office Desk Ideas: Combining Style with Function

Published On: October 18, 2016


Do you think a Blog about Home Office Desk Ideas won’t interest you because you don’t work from home as part of your job? You may want to reconsider because the big questions really are: Who needs a space in their home to organize and pay bills, read and write emails or store basic office supplies? We all do!

The first step in planning a home office space is determining your needs. Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Who will be using the office space? Will multiple people be working at one time?
  • How will they be using it? What technology accommodations are needed? How much desktop surface is needed, is there work involving over-sized materials?
  • Where in your home will it be located? Is there a designated room for it or will it share with your kitchen or guest room for example?
  • How much storage and/or filing space is needed?

Once you’ve determined who will use the space and how they will use it, the next step is to match your needs to the right home office furniture and the right home office furniture to your space.

The Star of the Home Office Furniture Show

The big star of a Home Office is the desk. Home Office Desks can be found in many Carlyle - Large Storage Desk - H371-27sizes and styles. Crowley Furniture offers Home Office collections that can fill the needs for any home office area regardless of size or shape. From mission to traditional to modern you can furnish your space to be functional AND enjoyable.

If you’d prefer to go off the grid with your Home Office Desk Idea think about these suggestions to create a one-of-a-kind desk:

  • Use two file cabinets or 30” high bookcases as bases with a door across the top. This is a creative solution with an extra large work surface and tucked away storage.
  • Many Sofa Tables or Media Consoles are perfect to double as a small desk. These are ideal for adding function and character to a cozy space.
  • Skip a desk entirely by putting a wall to work by painting it with chalkboard paint, dry erase paint or magnetic paint (or a combination of the three!). You can hang, post and clip everything you need right to the wall.Vintage Gray - Console Table - T500-504

Whatever style of desk you get be sure it has the technological capabilities you need. This is especially important to pay attention to when planning a DIY desk.

Some features to look for:

  • Access holes for cords to reach from your devices to electrical outlets so you don’t have unsightly cords draped over your furniture.
  • Built in outlets and USB ports for easy access to charge cell phones and laptops.
  • Storage and organization-do you need drawers to hold files, extra space for craft or art supplies?

The Home Office Supporting Cast

There are many other furniture pieces created specifically for an office environment. Whether you use a collection piece or a repurposed find keep these in mind as you plan out what is best for you:

  • File Cabinets
    • Vertical
      • PRO: Uses a minimum amount of wall space.
      • CON: Stretches far into the room especially when open so be sure to have ample walk space.
    • Lateral
      • PRO: Able to hold different size files in a single drawer.
      • CON: Slightly higher in price
  • Bookcases
    • Sizes-Choose the height that works best in your space or combine heights for added interest.Grove - Bookcases - DG3460/72/84
    • Doors-Doors on the bottom will hide things you want to keep out of sight.
  • Credenzas-A credenza often houses the printer and provides additional storage.
  • Hutches
    • Lo-A short hutch that sits on top of a desk or credenza that offers additional shelving and storage space.
    • Hi-A tall hutch that sits on top of a desk or credenza that offers an abundance of shelving and storage space.
  • Corner Table-The corner table fills in the corner space created by “L” or “U” shaped arrangements to provide additional surface area. This is often a great place for a printer.

Home Office Configuration Options

The size and shape of your home office space, as well as how you use it, will help determine the best configuration for you. With so many pieces available in our Home Office collections, you have many arrangement alternatives to choose from:

  • L-shaped: A common configuration that consists of three pieces: a desk, a credenza or return and a corner table.
  • U-shaped: This arrangement is useful to someone who works at their home office space full time and requires abundant storage and surface space. Typically this configuration consists of a desk, a return and a credenza.
  • Back-to-Back: This set-up is popular for offices where two people share a work space, often for many hours a day, and each requires his or her own desk. The two desks are placed back to back down the middle of the space.
  • Floating: This configuration can be combined with other pieces but is often seen in a work area that consists only of a desk that sits away from the wall with its back to a corner. If the room is right, this is a great way to arrange your office furniture and presents a welcoming feel when you enter the room.
  • Window Facing: If you’re the type to be easily distracted this may not be the arrangement for you. Some people, however, thrive when flooded with light and the ability to keep an eye on the world.


Other pieces you may need to complete your space or make you more efficient:

  • DESK CHAIRS: Standard office chairs that swivel, allow you to select the desired height and are ergonomically designed are ideal for situations where you’ll be sitting for long periods of time. For a less institutional look you could consider straight back chairs that are more decorative. These come in hundreds of options allowing you to choose style, finish, wood or upholstered seat, arms or armless.
  • ROOM FILLERS: If you have extra space you may want to place a chair with an ottoman, a recliner or a loveseat in the area to give you a change of scenery without getting too far from your tasks. These are also great for power naps!
  • ADJACENT SPACES: If your Home Office is in a garage or side building, consider a small kitchen or coffee bar for convenient lunches or breaks. A TV Stand may also be helpful to house a TV and DVR for an early morning yoga session or mid-day news reports. Some collections cross over with Home Office pieces, Home Entertainment pieces and Occasional Tables such as Cross Island, Hamlyn and Carlysle. These groups provide even more options to complete your space.
  • CLIENT VISITS: If you need to host client meetings in your Home Office space be Quail Run - Dining Set - DQT13636sure to provide appropriate seating for guests. A small conference table may also be in order. Storage and organization is especially important when clients are entering your domain to keep it neat and uncluttered. Be sure to design your space to reflect your business and clients.

Are accessories important in a Home Office area?

FOR SURE! While a Home Office space is very utilitarian, it still needs to have some personalization and personality. Consider these options:

  • Book Ends: They add interest and variety to shelves that otherwise are very uniform. Try using them on two different shelves, each one holding in place books that are resting against the side of the bookcase on the other end.
  • Area Rugs: Whether you have wall-to-wall carpet or hard surface flooring an Area Rug can spice up your space. It can also define the work area when it’s a shared space such as a guest room or den.
  • Window Treatments: You’ll most likely need some sort of light control so you won’t have to plan your schedule around the location of the sun. You’ll want to be able to clearly see all of your device screens without glare.
  • Lamps/Overhead Lights: Choose lamps and ceiling fixtures that can provide the proper wattage for your personal requirements. These will need to give off brighter task lighting versus low ambient lighting.

Stay motivated!

While you want to be able to stay focused in your work space you can still make it fun and motivating. Surround yourself with a favorite shade of paint or a to-die-for wallpaper pattern. Choose things for this space that you love and that inspire you. Whether you have a designated room for your Home Office or not, you can transform your space into an area you love. Here are some ideas to create the room you’ve always dreamed of:

  • Gentleman’s Library-You’ve probably seen this style many times in your life but it remains a classic. Reminiscent of a castle library or smoking lounge, it’s decorated with dark, heavy furnishings and traditionally styled pieces. Popular colors to create this effect are deep greens, reds and golds.
  • Peaceful Tranquility-This is the space that will make you feel like you’ve entered a spa and your chi is flowing freely. Simple furnishings and items that have a light and airy look to them are best. Be careful that you don’t get too relaxed, that will probably not be productive for a work space. Cool, light colors such as sage, sky blue and sandy beige can help create this zen effect.
  • Mom Cave-The Mom Cave may lean more toward arts and crafts than documents and spreadsheets so a larger work surface and abundant storage may be needed. The Mom Cave would be filled with pretty finds that create a world where she can escape. Colors could go in just about any direction but most likely will be happy and welcoming.
  • Vintage Chic-This space will be filled with unique finds and repurposed pieces. Nothing matches and everything has a story. That very popular gray/beige color would surely come into play somewhere in this space.
  • Super Sleek-If you love clean, streamlined rooms this will be the office style for you. Modern touches such as fuss-free furnishings and shiny metal accents will give this room its signature look. Neutrals and tone-on-tone are common color themes for a sleek space often with a small burst of a single, bold color like bright yellow or cobalt blue to give the room spark.

Multi-Purpose Spaces

What if your Home Office shares a space with your Guest Room or Master Bedroom? Moonstruck - Queen Sleeper - 2409It can still be an efficient, functional space but you want to be sure it plays well with others. Your office furnishings and accessories should flow with what is going on in the rest of the room so they appear to be one well-planned, cohesive space. Be sure your Guest Room is equipped with charging stations for your guests’ phones and laptops. To conserve space in a Guest Room consider a Sleeper Sofa or Daybed that can be expanded when guests arrive.

One crucial consideration if your office area is sharing a space with another function in your home or is located where there is a lot of traffic, you must keep it organized! It’s easy for this area to turn into a dumping ground that quickly becomes an area you do not want to spend time in. Our friends at HGTV have these great tips to offer for organizing and decluttering your work space:

  1. 1.Purge Paper Get control of the paper in your office using the System of Three: shred/toss it, file it or take action from it.
  2. 2.Color-Code Your Filing System Separate your files into categories:
    1. A.Green-Financial
    2. B.Red-Medical
    3. C.Orange-Personal
    4. D.Yellow-Insurance
    5. E.Blue-House
  3. 3.Create a Mail Station Make a folder for incoming and outgoing mail, mail to file, bills and a folder for every family member. As soon as the mail comes in, file it in the mail station. Once a week go through each folder.
  4. 4.Create a Printing Station Designate a space in your office area to house the printer and its supplies. If you have a wireless printer, it doesn’t have to go on your desk, place it on a credenza or a corner table to free up your desktop for other things.
  5. 5.Store in Containers Store office supplies in containers, bins, baskets and drawers. Keeping these items out of sight will give your office a decluttered look.
  6. 6.Use a Label Maker Invest in a good label maker and label your files, drawers and boxes. You’ll always know exactly where everything is. Be careful though, label making can be addictive!
  7. 7.Categorize Make your space more functional by organizing like items together. These universal group ideas will work for most people but you’ll also want to personalize based on your personal needs:
    1. A.Stickies (notes, tabs, stickers)
    2. B.Tools (straight cutter, stapler, staple remover, hole puncher)
    3. C.Budget (checkbook, calculator, bill calendar)
    4. D.Writing Tools (markers, pens, pencils)
    5. E.Mail (envelopes, stamps, address labels)
    6. F.Labeling (labeler and label tape)
  8. 8.Go Vertical-One trick people often miss when organizing an office is to utilize wall space to hang filing systems, calendars, whiteboards, shelving and more. Just remember these will always be on display so be sure they coordinate with your room design.

Hopefully some of these Home Office desk ideas and other tips will help make your work space a fun and inspirational place to spend time. Whatever size, style or layout you choose always remember to work happier, not harder!


American-Made Furniture – It Does Exist!

Published On: September 13, 2016

Just like giant talking M&M’s and Santa Claus, American-Made Furniture does exist! This Labor Day, Crowley Furniture is honoring some of our manufacturing partners who provide American-Made Furniture, made possible through American workers!

As the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day represents the exit of warm, lazy days and long daylight hours and announces the return of cooler temps, school routines and fall sports. Traditionally it also stood as the last acceptable day to wear white and seersucker but since most younger generations don’t know what seersucker is let’s leave that whole fashion guideline securely in the past. Labor Day-Rosie

Many Americans think of Labor Day as a day off work to enjoy the last hurrahs of summer. You may have heard, however, that we need reminding of the true meaning of the holiday. If you are spending a happy day with friends and family eating great BBQ and taking the pontoon out for one last spin, we aren’t judgey and say good for you! But if you happen to be reading this Blog while eating a slab of ribs or filling up water balloons then kudos to you for both celebrating Labor Day and honoring its purpose all at one time. To make Labor Day more meaningful, let us take you on a journey to learn a little more about it while discovering a few examples of American labor at its finest.

Origins of Labor Day & American-Made Pride

While many countries around the world celebrate Labor Day in different forms, it has distinctly American roots beginning with the labor movement. The US Labor Movement grew out of a need to protect the common interests of workers. Originating in the formative years of the American nation, the Labor Movement led efforts to end child labor, secure reasonable hours and wages, improve safety of working conditions, provide health benefits and aid workers who were injured or retired. In the late 19th century a proposal was made to dedicate a day celebrating workers to improve morale and relationships between workers, unions and owners. The proposal was accepted and today, Labor Day pays tribute to the achievements and contributions that American workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our country.

Making A Difference

At Crowley Furniture in Kansas City, Made in America is more than just a slogan. As an American-made family-owned business we believe in determination, hard work, pride in what we do and respect for others. Out of these values emerges a business philosophy that comes full circle: align yourself with partners that share your values, and they, in turn, will treat you with those very same values. Most people would call this a win-win and they would be right, but it’s actually a win-win-win since the end results of these successful relationships are quality products at value-minded prices backed by unparalleled service. This win is all for you, the consumer.

We’re proud of the relationships we’ve forged and would like to introduce you to some of the companies that manufacture American-Made furniture for our three Kansas City stores while playing a large role in their own communities through the people they employ. Here are their stories:

American-Made Furniture by Vaughan-Bassett

John Bassett of Vaughan-Bassett knows a lot about keeping jobs in America. So much that he literally wrote a book on it. Factory Man by Beth Macy shares an amazing account of how he fought to produce 100% of his products in America with American labor. 

Harrington - Bedroom Set - 534setBased in Galax, VA, Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Company manufactures current but timeless bedroom furniture such as the Soho, Cottage and Harrington collections. In 1919, Vaughan-Bassett was founded by two men, B.C. Vaughan and J.D. Bassett, Sr., both of whom were from Bassett, VA

Today, Vaughan-Bassett has many things going for it including their commitment to manufacturing furniture in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. Through its “One for One” program, they contributed 150,000 tree seedlings in 2007 to the Virginia Department of Forestry. The planting of these 150,000 allows the replacement of every tree used in the production of the company’s bedroom suites. Since 2007, over 1 million trees have been planted by the Virginia Department of Forestry through this program. Vaughan-Bassett has also installed $2 million state-of-the-art systems to increase lumber yield by over 20 percent, thereby significantly reducing the number of trees needed to produce their furniture.

Vaughan-Bassett is also a leader in the “Buy Local” movement. Over 99 percent of its lumber comes from within 500 miles of its factories and 80 percent from within 200 miles, reducing the carbon footprint associated with the transport of primary raw material. But most of all, by employing approximately 700 people in factories based inVaughan-Bassett Factory Man Galax, VA and Elkin, NC, Vaughan-Bassett is extremely proud of the fact that 100 percent of their furniture is crafted here in the United States by American employees.

To learn more of John Bassett’s fight to save American jobs and keep all of his operation in the U.S., read his book Factory Man by Beth Macy: “In a world of blue-collar victims, where logging chains seal forever the doors of mills and factories from the Rust Belt to the Deep South, Beth Macy’s award-winning look at one furniture maker’s refusal to give in is a breath of hope-and a damn fine story to read. The book tracks John Bassett’s fight to keep American jobs on this side of borders and oceans, and keeps one American town from becoming a place of empty storefronts and FOR SALE signs.”—Rick Bragg, Pulitzer Prize-winner of The Most They Ever Had

American-Made Furniture by Justice

The word “justice” is defined by terms such as fairness, equity, moral rightness and genuine respect for others.Justice Furniture Founders Bill Lois

Justice Furniture & Bedding was founded in 1957 in Lebanon, MO by Bill and Lois Wampler. After searching in the dictionary for the right name, Bill came across the word “justice” and felt it reflected the beliefs and values on how to run a business. The company was founded on two core principles-quality and service-and today these are Justice Furniture Owners Dan Angiestill closely adhered to by the third generation family-owned business. Today Dan Wampler and Angie Jackson (Bill and Lois’ son and granddaughter) carry on the quality and service that began in 1957.

Quality is easy to see throughout the American-Made Furniture line by Justice. Their sofas, loveseats, chairs, sectionals and other products feature craftsmanship that only comes from a company with dedicated artisans. Much of the Lebanon, MO community are long-time employees of Justice.

The Justice Bedding line boasts the same quality and attention to detail as their furniture line. Highlighted by their Latex collections, Justice adds a special touch to every layer of their mattresses resulting in some of the most comfortable mattresses in the market today. With a truly unique feel, you’ll want to be sure to experience the special effects of Justice’s Latex foam when you’re next in the market for a mattress.

American-Made Furniture by Oakwood

American-Made Furniture handcraftedOakwood Industries was started with the goal of supporting founder Clay Zimmerman’s family. Since 1987 it has not only done that but grown to provide quality jobs to many more.

The employees are a big part of what makes Oakwood successful. Their attention to detail, time honored techniques used in building quality hardwood furniture and their exceptional customer service has made a lasting impression on consumers from around the country.

Striving to exceed their customer’s expectations, Oakwood uses the finest Oak, Cherry and Maple woods with durable finishes to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Only excellent grade wood is used in the construction of their solid wood furniture, each piece being hand-chosen for quality assurance.Oakwood American-Made Furniture

With Oakwood furniture, customization is king. Once you’ve chosen your favorite pieces from their array of stunning bedroom and dining collections such as Edinburgh, Livingston, Mission and Lighthouse, you then choose from three wood types and a wide variety of finishes for true personalization. The artisans at Oakwood make your furniture when you order it exactly the way you want it. Oakwood furniture is not only beautiful but it lasts a lifetime and can be handed down for generations to come cause it just keeps getting better with age.

History, Roots and Pride

Like Crowley Furniture, Vaughan-Bassett, Justice and Oakwood are proud of their family-owned history, home-grown roots and pride in America which is why we trust them to provide us with the very best American-Made Furniture which we can then offer to our customers which in turn keeps American workers on the job!

Enjoy The Fruits of Your Labor Day

Labor Day FestivalWhatever you choose to do this Labor Day, make it great because you’ve earned it. But don’t forget to squeeze in a visit to your nearest Crowley Furniture store in Liberty, Lee’s Summit or Overland Park to take advantage of our special Labor Day offers!

Explore The Options For Mattresses Overland Park Gets Excited About

Published On: September 3, 2015

It is a proven fact that not all mattresses are created equally. In fact, today’s modern mattresses vary widely in terms of overall quality, affordability and long-term reliability. Purchasing a quality mattress can have a big impact on one’s overall health and long-term quality of life. That is why it is so important to get it right when it comes to choosing a good mattress Overland Park residents can trust and depend upon.

Long-Term Health And Wellbeing

Finding the right mattress that fits your specific and unique needs while staying within your budget can be as simple as choosing the right furniture store or home furnishing professionals. Getting a comfortable night’s sleep is essential to long-term health and wellbeing. Many doctors and much research have indicated that getting good sleep can have a direct impact on long-term wellness. From mattresses intended for occasional use to those bound for a guest room as well as teen mattresses and a child’s very first mattress, quality should always be the number one priority.

There Is Much Truth In This Statement

Best of all, today’s modern mattresses that exhibit the highest levels of quality are still incredibly affordable and reasonably priced. There is much truth in the statement that a great mattress simply does not have to be expensive. The key to making the right choice is in working with a company that stocks quality name brand mattresses. One company in particular that has earned the trust and respect of those throughout the region is Crowley Furniture. For mattresses Overland Park residents can get excited about, simply visit or call Crowley Furniture today to learn more. The company has more than 60 years of experience in Kansas City furniture and home furnishings.

Every Day in May Event

Published On: May 8, 2015
Hurry in to your favorite Kansas City Crowley Furniture Store and take advantage of our “Every Day in May Event”. We are offering $600 off Stearns & Foster new mattress sets. Also, 0% APR until 2018 on all purchases in the month of May along with free delivery. Visit one of our three locations in Liberty, Lee’s Summit and Overland Park today!
Furniture Stores May Event

Tax Amount Discount Special Offer

Published On: April 9, 2015

It’s that time of year for Crowley Furniture, your Kansas City furniture store, to offer our Tax Amount Discount. The more you purchase, the more you save. Please visit any of our three locations and consult with our knowledgeable, friendly staff for all of your furniture needs. Our Liberty showroom has been remodeled and is now open and better than ever! Our design team looks forward to serving you.

*We will reduce the purchase price by an amount equal to the applicable sales tax rate, then add the required sales tax to the reduced purchase price in accordance with applicable laws. Excludes delivery fees, pending orders and previous purchases. Excludes Tempur-Pedic, Sealy Optimum, Stearns and Foster and Sealy Hybrid.

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