Month: April 2016

Crowley Living Room Trends in 2016

Published On: April 13, 2016

Crowley Furniture has the living room furniture and accessories you want at the value you deserve! Keep your home current but timeless with these exciting design tips that you can easily incorporate into your space. Our favorite living room design ideas for 2016 are all about you and your family.

 Mix It Up

Individuality is king and in 2016 we are embracing decor diversity. Furniture of different sizes, styles and finishes can blend together for an interesting but cohesive effect that is uniquely you. Step out of your comfort zone by mixing textures, colors and styles you previously thought could never “go” together. Don’t worry about going eclectic alone, our experienced Sales Associates and Designers will guide you through the entire process.

Focus on the Family

With so much screen time taking up our lives, living rooms are becoming more family-centric and turning digital distraction-free! Living spaces today are being designed with lots of comfortable seating ideal for chatting with family and friends, reading a book or simply relaxing. The emphasis of these living room arrangements is to facilitate quality time with our loved ones. A cocktail table with benches for board games is a nice touch for kids of all ages.

Go Vintage with Reclaimed Items

Reclaimed pieces from junkyards, antique shops and auction houses continue their popularity appealing to those with an appreciation of worn raw materials, chic creativity and days gone by. Our selection of unique, one-of-a-kind items are upcycled from unwanted construction and architectural items of the past, brought back to life to become show-stopping statement pieces in your home.

Bring the Outdoors In

The outdoor theme remains strong and for good reason. Blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces can add a refreshing element to any space. Consider bringing outdoor fabrics inside where their durability makes them ideal for heavy traffic rooms. The colors, patterns and textures of modern-day outdoor fabrics make them hard to distinguish from true indoor fabrics and provide peace-of-mind for today’s busy lifestyle.

Visit Crowley Furniture in Liberty, Lee’s Summit or Overland Park to add some fun but purposeful trends to your life.

What to look for in a Dining Table

At Crowley Furniture in Kansas City, we know a thing or two about Dining Rooms. From timeless heirlooms to the latest design concepts, we offer a wide selection of Dining Tables and Chairs from today’s top manufacturers. How to find the one that’s right for you? Here are our top tips when selecting new dining furniture:

How Will You Use Your Dining Room?

The first step of any successful shopping experience starts with a little Q&A and Dining Rooms are no exception. What size is your space? Do you have large family gatherings and need leaf options? Do you want a comfortably contoured chair for post-dinner dessert and games? Do you have children and need a surface that is homework-friendly? These are just a few of the situations our Sales Associates take into consideration when helping you choose the right Dining Set.

Opposites Attract

The days of Dining Rooms consisting of perfectly matched tables, chairs, china hutches and buffets are gone. Instead they are being replaced with blended styles, fabrics and finishes for a room that offers a more welcoming, relaxed, lived-in look. Even with a traditionally styled Dining Room it’s easy to blend collections while maintaining a stately cohesiveness.

Cozy Spaces Have Options Too!

If your kitchen or dining room is small, a drop leaf table offers compact versatility and is a great way to use space effectively. If you have room for a rectangular table but want to maximize seating consider replacing chairs with bench seating.

 The Matter of Materials

The choices of table and seating materials for your Dining Room are numerous and allow you to choose the best material for your personality, style and needs. At Crowley Furniture we stock many sizes and shapes of Dining Tables offering a variety of finish and seating options. Consider a table from one collection and seating from a coordinating collection. Or shop our Custom Dining options featuring choices of wood type and finish along with fun material options such as copper and aluminium.

Statement Accessories

Once you get the big pieces in your space, don’t forget the accessories! From table-top to wall décor to area rugs, the perfect accessories will add your personalization stamp and are key to a truly finished space.