Month: December 2014

Choosing the right dining room furniture for your family

Published On: December 31, 2014

With the 2014 holiday season coming to an end, it is time to consider if your dining room space was ideal for your family gatherings or if it could use some updating. Were your guests able to sit down and get up easily? Was there enough room for people to walk behind a seated guest? Was the table the right shape and size for your guests and space or were you strategically adding card tables and folding chairs disguised by table cloths and chair covers? If you can relate to any of the above issues in your dining room, it is time to visit Crowley Furniture and update your space.


The dining room is a place for friends and family to gather comfortably over a meal and catch up, telling stories and jokes and enjoying each other. When choosing your table you need to consider having a balance between form and function. Is this a more casual space for everyday use? If so, a more durable piece is needed so it can be used for homework, crafts, food preparation, office space as well as family meals. If the space is more formal and only used on special occasions, a more ornate style can be chosen. In either case, you want to choose a table that fits your décor and will withstand the test of time.


There are 4 dining room table shapes to choose from: round, oval, square and rectangle. Round and oval tables are better for small, intimate spaces and can provide more leg room if they have a pedestal in the center instead of legs. Square tables tend to work better in square spaces with rectangular tables being the most versatile in most spaces. Most rectangular tables come with leaves enabling the user to extend the length of the table for bigger dinner parties.


When choosing your table, it is wise to have the measurements of your space and the other furniture that occupies it so you can find the right table size. Include table leaves in your calculations and make sure to leave a 42-48 inch table-to-wall clearance to allow diners to sit and rise easily. This will also leave a path for the hostess to walk behind his or her guests. Each person should have 24 inches of eating space so there is no overcrowding or bumping of elbows. When choosing the number of chairs to put at your table, it is always a good idea to check the manufacturers recommendations. Hopefully these tips will enable you to update your space and have a much more comfortable, functional dining room for your next gathering.

Kids Bedroom Decoration

Published On: December 1, 2014

Children’s decor is one of the few types of interior decorating that has to happen several times over a time period. That is, if you like to decorate with age dependent items and decor. This is a good time to let your children have a say in how they want their own domain to look.

Childhood bedrooms should reflect your child’s personality. Discover their interests and then incorporate it into a room that can last several years and have minimum changes made to mature it as he ages.

Is he into dinosaurs and animals? Coordinate his ideas with dark stained woods. Pick a simple piece like this bed frame and decorate a room around it. If you dont want to be so cliche with green and brown walls, try other colors of the jungle. Don’t forget its a colorful place! Incorporate every hue of blue, tans, oranges, yellows and reds. These colors can double as mature colors once he leaves the dinosaur and jungle stage behind and enters his teenage years.

Is she in a princess stage? Everybody does pink walls and flowers. Really amp up the royalty aspect with purple, peaches and whites. These are both “princessy” colors and more mature colors for when she becomes older. Go for full sized mattresses that can accommodate their smaller childhood size and the bigger body of their teenage years.

Daybeds are also great options for children’s rooms, it creates both a sleeping area and a hangout couch for when they invite friends over for a few games on the Xbox or to watch the newest episode of their favorite television show.

Decorating for children doesnt have to be a task that has to be repeated every few years. very easily it can be changed into a long term design with just a few ideas thought outside of the box.