Month: November 2013

Not Feeling Refreshed In The Morning…It Might Be Time For A New Mattress

Published On: November 5, 2013

On average, we spend one-third of our lives in bed so it is important to make sure that you are being properly supported each night by your mattress. The quality of sleep you get directly affects your quality of life so make sure you invest in your health by getting a mattress that is both supportive and comfortable.

A mattress is a long-term purchase so it’s easy to forget the basic warning signs that you may need a new mattress. Mattresses can come with warranties that last 10, 15, and in some cases, up to 20 years. There are times when you may need a replacement sooner than that. So how are you supposed to know if it’s time for a new mattress?

The first thing to do is to figure out how old your mattress is. If your mattress is between 6-7 years old it might be time to shop for a new mattress. Since the years have passed when you first purchased your mattress, your body has gone through changes such as weight gain or loss. In other cases, you might have had an accident or surgery and your mattress might not be properly supporting the recent changes that you have experienced.

Another sign that you might be in need of a new mattress is if you are waking up with aches and pains or even more tired than you were before going to bed. Our bodies need a mattress that offers proper support. If you wake up with aches and pains that is caused from building pressure points throughout the night. The result of increasing pressure points also leads to tossing and turning throughout the night to find some sort of comfortable position. The end result is the alarm clock going off and you feel exhausted.

The next time you change your sheets run your hands over your mattress. If you feel the indentation from where you sleep you are a good candidate for a new mattress. Many believe that rotating your mattress on a regular basis will remove the unwanted indentations but this is simply not accurate.

It is important to be selective when you are planning to buy a mattress in Kansas City and the key is to find a store with a wide variety to choose from. Whether it be a comfy soft pillow top or a luxurious tempurpedic mattress, your best bet is to lay on as many mattresses as possible to find the one that is just right for you. Remember, your mattress should always conform to you, not you to it.

Today’s Recliners Aren’t Your Fathers Recliners

One of the greatest recent improvements in furniture has taken place by adding power to the furniture.  Think of it like the power seats in your car.   That’s right, power reclining chairs, loveseats, and even sofas.  10 or 15 years ago it was the exception to buy a car without power seats and today it is the norm.  Today it is the exception to get an automobile without power windows.  As the trend continues it will be the same with powered furniture.

Make no mistake, while powered furniture used to be stereotyped as an old persons piece of furniture that is far from the case today.  Ladies, ever struggle closing the footrest on a chair?  There are so many advantages of powered reclining furniture.  To name a few, limitless number of positions and ease of operation.

If you need to get a piece in a bonus room or a downstairs finished basement, then mechanical is the way to go.  In addition to chairs, mechanical furniture also comes in sections.  Think of a sofa as two recliners and a center piece bolted to a metal rail that forms a sofa.  So separating these pieces and transporting anywhere in your home is possible.

Motion furniture has advanced a lot in the last couple of years.  Better furniture stores in Kansas City will carry large selections to choose from.  Whether it be traditional or contemporary styles of recliners, they are also available in bold colors.  Why the boom in motion furniture?  You can thank the entertainment sector to thank. As the popularity of flat-screen TVs and gaming systems such as Wii have grown, so has the motion furniture category tried to keep up.  Manufacturers are answering homeowners’ demands for pieces that are miles removed from the old recliner look, with bold fabrics on reclining chairs, sleek styles, wooden legs – pieces that look more like regular armchairs.  A lot of people like them because they accent the room. They like them because they don’t look like a recliner but yet they’re comfortable.  With an electric motor, the user can move the footrest and the back of the chair at the flick of a switch, and control where the seat or footstool stops.

In addition to comfortable positions and stylish designs, reclining sofas and love seats have for some time also featured cup holders, snack trays and storage spaces for remote controls, DVDs and other sundry items.  In the not too distant future don’t be surprised to see motion furniture with storage spaces that include in-built charging stations for iPods and cell phones so there will be no need to get out of your seat.