5 Reasons to Choose Power Reclining Furniture

5 Reasons to Choose Power Reclining Furniture

You’ve determined it’s time to purchase new Living Room Furniture. You now need to decide if stationary furniture or reclining furniture would be best for your space.  The answer to that lies in how you and your family use the room. If it is the room you spend most of your time in, watching TV, reading and relaxing, you may want to consider all that Reclining Furniture has to offer for this type of space. Once you’ve chosen Reclining as the right path for you, your final decision is: POWER or MANUAL? Keep reading to discover why Power Reclining, aka Relaxation at the Touch of a Button, is a great way to go.


While we still love manual recliners and there will always be a place for them, Power Reclining Furniture is taking over the world, and for good reason. Because of a motorized reclining mechanism, operated with a button control, Power Reclining Furniture provides virtually limitless comfort positions. This allows you to customize your position to how you are feeling at any given moment. If you’ve had a hard day and want to put your feet up but still sit upright to catch up with your family, you can do it. If you’d prefer to lay back but still see the TV to binge watch your favorite series, no problem. If you wish to fully recline for your afternoon siesta, that’s ok too. Whatever position makes you comfortable for the task at hand, a Power Reclining piece can make it happen.

Development doesn’t sleep in the reclining world, check out the Velocity group by Southern Motion at Crowley Furniture for the latest Power Reclining feature: a Power Headrest! No more piling pillows behind your head to comfortably watch TV, read or work on your computer. GENIUS!
Power HeaderPower Header


You read that right, Power Reclining pieces are lasting longer than their manual reclining counterparts! We sometimes hear customers say they aren’t interested in Power Reclining Furniture because “there’s more to go wrong” but the reality is that furniture reclined by a motor is easier on the chair frame and reclining mechanism than furniture reclined manually. So don’t rule it out, visit one of our four locations and discuss your concerns with one of our knowledgeable Sales Associates, they’ll help you pick what’s best for you.


Did we mention Relaxation at the Touch of a Button?! Handles and flip levers can be easy to use but the button controls of a Power Reclining piece are literally at your fingertips for the ultimate relaxation experience. And anyone recovering from an arm, shoulder or upper body injury or procedure will especially appreciate the ease of use with a Power Reclining piece.


Most Power Reclining Furniture is designed to recline fully with only a few inches between its back and the wall. This allows you to get full use of your room without having to accommodate wasted space behind a recliner. And speaking of “recliners”, Power Reclining Furniture is not limited to “recliners”. Power Reclining features are also available in Sofas, Consoles, Loveseats and Sectionals.

What will you do with all that extra space?!!


Long gone are the days of coarse, drab, one-size-fits-all recliners. The Power Reclining Furniture of 2016 truly has something for everyone. Style options are almost endless covering the spectrum from sleek and modern to cozy and casual to classic and sophisticated. Choice of covers allows you to further personalize the look by selecting your favorite fabric or leather in hundreds of colors and textures.

But perhaps the greatest technological improvement from a Design perspective is the inconspicuous mechanics of a Power Reclining piece. The controls of today’s Power Reclining Furniture are discreet and stylish. While different manufacturers use different types of mechanisms, most are subtle and attractive and barely discernible. Your reclining fetish will be our little secret.

Whichever route you choose to go with your Living Room Furniture be sure to visit us in one of our locations throughout the Kansas City area. Our Sales Associates in Liberty, Lee’s Summit and Overland Park will help you discover all of your Power Reclining possibilities.

Crowley Living Room Trends in 2016

Crowley Furniture has the living room furniture and accessories you want at the value you deserve! Keep your home current but timeless with these exciting design tips that you can easily incorporate into your space. Our favorite living room design ideas for 2016 are all about you and your family.

 Mix It Up

Individuality is king and in 2016 we are embracing decor diversity. Furniture of different sizes, styles and finishes can blend together for an interesting but cohesive effect that is uniquely you. Step out of your comfort zone by mixing textures, colors and styles you previously thought could never “go” together. Don’t worry about going eclectic alone, our experienced Sales Associates and Designers will guide you through the entire process.

Focus on the Family

With so much screen time taking up our lives, living rooms are becoming more family-centric and turning digital distraction-free! Living spaces today are being designed with lots of comfortable seating ideal for chatting with family and friends, reading a book or simply relaxing. The emphasis of these living room arrangements is to facilitate quality time with our loved ones. A cocktail table with benches for board games is a nice touch for kids of all ages.

Go Vintage with Reclaimed Items

Reclaimed pieces from junkyards, antique shops and auction houses continue their popularity appealing to those with an appreciation of worn raw materials, chic creativity and days gone by. Our selection of unique, one-of-a-kind items are upcycled from unwanted construction and architectural items of the past, brought back to life to become show-stopping statement pieces in your home.

Bring the Outdoors In

The outdoor theme remains strong and for good reason. Blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces can add a refreshing element to any space. Consider bringing outdoor fabrics inside where their durability makes them ideal for heavy traffic rooms. The colors, patterns and textures of modern-day outdoor fabrics make them hard to distinguish from true indoor fabrics and provide peace-of-mind for today’s busy lifestyle.

Visit Crowley Furniture in Liberty, Lee’s Summit or Overland Park to add some fun but purposeful trends to your life.

What to look for in a Dining Table

At Crowley Furniture in Kansas City, we know a thing or two about Dining Rooms. From timeless heirlooms to the latest design concepts, we offer a wide selection of Dining Tables and Chairs from today’s top manufacturers. How to find the one that’s right for you? Here are our top tips when selecting new dining furniture:

How Will You Use Your Dining Room?

The first step of any successful shopping experience starts with a little Q&A and Dining Rooms are no exception. What size is your space? Do you have large family gatherings and need leaf options? Do you want a comfortably contoured chair for post-dinner dessert and games? Do you have children and need a surface that is homework-friendly? These are just a few of the situations our Sales Associates take into consideration when helping you choose the right Dining Set.

Opposites Attract

The days of Dining Rooms consisting of perfectly matched tables, chairs, china hutches and buffets are gone. Instead they are being replaced with blended styles, fabrics and finishes for a room that offers a more welcoming, relaxed, lived-in look. Even with a traditionally styled Dining Room it’s easy to blend collections while maintaining a stately cohesiveness.

Cozy Spaces Have Options Too!

If your kitchen or dining room is small, a drop leaf table offers compact versatility and is a great way to use space effectively. If you have room for a rectangular table but want to maximize seating consider replacing chairs with bench seating.

 The Matter of Materials

The choices of table and seating materials for your Dining Room are numerous and allow you to choose the best material for your personality, style and needs. At Crowley Furniture we stock many sizes and shapes of Dining Tables offering a variety of finish and seating options. Consider a table from one collection and seating from a coordinating collection. Or shop our Custom Dining options featuring choices of wood type and finish along with fun material options such as copper and aluminium.

Statement Accessories

Once you get the big pieces in your space, don’t forget the accessories! From table-top to wall décor to area rugs, the perfect accessories will add your personalization stamp and are key to a truly finished space.

How to Get the Best Sleep

The science of sleep is complex, but experts now know that there are certain actions you can take that will help you get the sleep you need. The right environment along with a few simple tips will help you log more sleep hours and feeling refreshed the next day.

Set the Scene for Sleep

A warm bed with a cozy and heavy comforter is always appealing, but it may not help your sleep.   Lighter layers and setting your thermostat between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit prepares an optimal setting for sleep. This ensures you won’t wake from getting too hot. Make sure no furry friends are in your bed. Pets open the door to sleep disturbances.

Get Out of Bed to Go Back to Sleep

No matter what actions you take to get a restful sleep, you may still wake up in the middle of the night.   If this does happen, don’t just lie in bed staring at the clock. This might make you more anxious. Instead, get out of bed and do something calming until you start to feel tired, then go back to bed.

Crowley Furniture is your local and trusted furniture company for over 60 years and committed to providing quality discount furniture Kansas City homeowners trust. Our knowledgeable team boasts over 150 years of furniture experience and expertise. Contact us today to talk to an expert!

Spruce Up Your Home Office

If you work from home, a proper office space is required to have a place to concentrate that is separate from your home life. A good working space is especially important if you operate your small business out of your home. Your work-space should not only be functional, but attractive and appealing so it is a nice place to spend time in. A nice office space helps increase productivity.

The Right Space
Make sure your home office is located in the right space. It should be large enough furnish a desk and storage items for files and supplies. Your space should also be able to accommodate ergonomic equipment to prevent uncomfortable body strains. Ergonomic equipment includes stand-up desks, chairs, keyboards, and footrests and are worth the investment. To prevent eyestrain, make sure your space contains adequate light sources. Spaces with windows that provide natural light are optimal, but if windows are not available or if it is dark outside, make sure you have plenty of overhead lighting or working lamps.

You don’t have to spend much time and money to provide some appealing décor to your home office space. A few inspirational or decorative wall hangings and plants provide visual appeal and may help to reduce stress. Decorative storage and organization containers for files and supplies can also spruce up your space while providing visual appeal.  A few small details will make a big difference!

Crowley Furniture is your local and trusted furniture company for over 60 years and committed to providing quality discount furniture Kansas City homeowners trust. Our knowledgeable team boasts over 150 years of furniture experience and expertise. Contact us today to talk to an expert.

Winter Design Tips

With the cold weather approaching, it’s important to winterize your home by sealing duct-work and windows, insulating, replacing your furnace filter, etc. But does your home need a winter makeover to match the season? Simple and easy alterations in your home can make your home look like a cozy winter retreat.

Fireside Chats

A fireplace can easily be updated to create some winter flair in your home . Make sure you have a sitting area facing the fireplace. Whether it’s a couch, loveseat or a few chairs, being able to sit around the fireplace creates a cozy and appealing place for friends and family to gather. Some winter themed decorations can also be added to the mantle for extra appeal.

Pillows and Blankets 

Adding a few winter decorated toss pillows to sofas and chairs can add comfort and color to your furniture. Cover a chair, sofa or other furniture with a fluffy sheepskin throw blanket for added flair.   Always have a few warm blankets available to keep warm when lounging.   They can be stored in a decorative container or ottoman.

Window Treatments

Updating your windows each season is also recommended by professional decorators. Window treatments help frame the winter scene outside and help prevent cold drafts from entering. Thick draperies help ward off cold air and can be layered with attractive roman shades for a refined appearance that offers extra protection.

With these tips you can create a warm and inviting home decorated to reflect the season.   Crowley Furniture is your local and trusted furniture company for over 60 years and committed to providing quality discount furniture Kansas City homeowners trust. Our knowledgeable team boasts over 150 years of furniture experience and expertise. Contact us today to talk to an expert.

Tips for Moving Furniture

Whether you are moving or rearranging, moving heavy furniture is a tough job. Using some simple techniques to move heavy, awkward items can save your back, house and furniture from injury and damage.

Carry Tall Items at an Angle and on End

A tall dresser, cabinet or shelving unit is hard to handle. This needs to be a job for two people. Tip the item backward at an angle while one person carries the top and the other person carries the bottom. The weight is centered and keeps the item from swinging.  If it’s taller than the door opening, start the top away from the door to gain room for clearance.

Moving Accessories

There are several accessories that can help you move large pieces of furniture with ease. Moving and lifting straps take the weight off your back and leave your hands free to maneuver awkward items. Be sure to adjust the strap so it’s suited for your height. Furniture slides are also available in many shapes and sizes or you can make your own from bedspreads, blankets, towels or carpet remnants. These sliders can help you move heavy furniture pieces by simply sliding them across the floor. Hard plastic sliders are preferable for carpeting. Ramps are also helpful and can be made from lumber, scaffold planks or blocks.

Crowley Furniture is your local and trusted furniture company for over 60 years and committed to providing quality discount furniture Kansas City homeowners trust. Our knowledgeable team boasts over 150 years of furniture experience and expertise. Contact us today to talk to an expert.

Colder Weather a Reminder of Space Heater Safety

Kansas City winters can get quite cold. Many people use space heaters for warmth. Space heaters are convenient, but must be managed carefully to avoid fires and accidents. Crowley Furniture wants you to be safe this winter and take great care when operating space heaters in your home.


When getting out your heater from last winter, be sure to check it first and make sure there is no damage to the cord or plug. Be sure the plug fits securely into the wall outlet, if not, do not use. Never use a power cord or power strip.


Make sure you place your space heater on a stable and level surface and in a spot where it will not be knocked over. Keep any flammable and combustible materials at least 3 feet away. These include beds, sofas, curtains, papers, clothes and water. Never run the cord under carpeting or rugs. This can damage the cord, which can lead to sparks and fires.


Do not run your space heater while you sleep and never touch a space heater when you are wet! Keep a close eye on your space heater while running and make sure it doesn’t get too hot.

Crowley Furniture is your family owned and operated area furniture store. Our carefully curated, ever evolving furniture collection offers just what you are looking for – from design, to fabric, to function – and at an everyday low price you can count on. We have provided high quality, discount furniture Kansas City residents have trusted for over 60 years. Our unwavering commitment to our customers and community has fostered the high-quality, personalized level of service we are proud to deliver.

Adjustable Beds are for Everyone – Not Just Hospitals

There’s a common misconception that adjustable beds are just for hospital patients.  Nothing could be further from the truth. People of all ages and lifestyles can benefit from the features of an adjustable bed.

Making Life Easier

Adjustable beds are perfect for active, modern lifestyles. They provide working professionals a comfortable place to work on their laptop and a comfortable spot to relax after a stressful workday.   An adjustable bed also makes reading, watching TV and lounging easier and much more comfortable for people of all ages.

Improved Health

Adjustable beds not only provide comfort, but they can also provide added health benefits. These include reduced snoring and acid reflux effects, reduced lower back pain, and improved circulation. Heartburn, asthma and arthritis symptoms can also be alleviated. Elevated sleeping positions and the massage feature popular on many models today can help many health issues, provide stress relief and a better night’s sleep.

Investing in an adjustable bed can change and improve your life with more sleep and overall health benefits . Crowley Furniture carries several types of adjustable beds and foundations and we can help you select the best fit for your needs.   Call us today or come on in to one of our stores and talk to an expert. We are your local and trusted furniture company for over 60 years and committed to providing quality adjustable beds in Kansas City at a competitive price.

Discover The Sealy Mattresses Kansas City Depends Upon

In today’s modern world it is easy to become overwhelmed by the number of mattress manufactures that are marketed across the country and around the world. That said there is one particular brand of mattress that has a long and distinguished history of producing high quality products at affordable prices. The Sealy mattresses Kansas City depends upon have had a trusted and respected name among prior customers over the decades.

Satisfied Customers Over The Years Would Agree

In fact, Sealy is one of the most recognized, reliable and dependable names in modern mattresses. Best of all, this impressive brand name makes available mattresses for virtually any budget or need. From King size to twin or queen and full, there is a Sealy that is perfect for everyone. Many experts as well as a large number of satisfied customers over the years would agree that a Sealy mattress is one of the best when it comes to providing an incredibly comfortable night’s sleep at a fair and reasonable price.

A Genuine Quality Experience When It Comes To Your Purchase

From a mattress for a child’s room to a spare bedroom or master bedroom suite, or even a mattress intended for occasional use, Sealy mattresses Kansas City trust and rely upon are always just a call or visit away by contacting Crowley Furniture. The company is a Kansas City family owned and family operated furniture store that has been in business for well over six decades. Always providing an outstanding home furnishing experience, Crowley Furniture rises above the competition to provide customers with a genuine quality experience when it comes time to purchase a mattress in Kansas City. Contact Crowley Furniture today to learn more about the Sealy mattresses Kansas City depends upon each and every day.