5 Reasons to Choose Power Reclining Furniture

5 Reasons to Choose Power Reclining Furniture You’ve determined it’s time to purchase new Living Room Furniture. You now need to decide if stationary furniture or reclining furniture would be best for your space.  The answer to that lies in how you and your family use the room. If it is the room you spendContinue reading “5 Reasons to Choose Power Reclining Furniture”

Crowley Living Room Trends in 2016

Crowley Furniture has the living room furniture and accessories you want at the value you deserve! Keep your home current but timeless with these exciting design tips that you can easily incorporate into your space. Our favorite living room design ideas for 2016 are all about you and your family.  Mix It Up Individuality isContinue reading “Crowley Living Room Trends in 2016”

What to look for in a Dining Table

At Crowley Furniture in Kansas City, we know a thing or two about Dining Rooms. From timeless heirlooms to the latest design concepts, we offer a wide selection of Dining Tables and Chairs from today’s top manufacturers. How to find the one that’s right for you? Here are our top tips when selecting new diningContinue reading “What to look for in a Dining Table”

Colder Weather a Reminder of Space Heater Safety

Kansas City winters can get quite cold. Many people use space heaters for warmth. Space heaters are convenient, but must be managed carefully to avoid fires and accidents. Crowley Furniture wants you to be safe this winter and take great care when operating space heaters in your home. Inspection When getting out your heater fromContinue reading “Colder Weather a Reminder of Space Heater Safety”

Adjustable Beds are for Everyone – Not Just Hospitals

There’s a common misconception that adjustable beds are just for hospital patients.  Nothing could be further from the truth. People of all ages and lifestyles can benefit from the features of an adjustable bed. Making Life Easier Adjustable beds are perfect for active, modern lifestyles. They provide working professionals a comfortable place to work onContinue reading “Adjustable Beds are for Everyone – Not Just Hospitals”

Discover The Sealy Mattresses Kansas City Depends Upon

In today’s modern world it is easy to become overwhelmed by the number of mattress manufactures that are marketed across the country and around the world. That said there is one particular brand of mattress that has a long and distinguished history of producing high quality products at affordable prices. The Sealy mattresses Kansas CityContinue reading “Discover The Sealy Mattresses Kansas City Depends Upon”