How To Clean Your Upholstery

Did you realize dust is falling on your upholstery at the same rate as your end tables? Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. One of the best ways to care for your fabric furniture pieces is to vacuum them regularly. To help you better understand this process, we’ve provided a step-by-step guide on How to Clean Your Upholstery “Crowley Furniture Style”!

The Sectional pictured below is one of the many comfortable, durable and attractive products made by Justice Furniture, our furniture manufacturing neighbor in Lebanon, Missouri. Justice Furniture crafts upholstery and bedding with quality, care and family values. At Crowley Furniture of Kansas City we too base our business on strong family values which means it’s important to us to give you the best home furnishings for your hard-earned dollars. Furniture purchases can be an investment but with just a few simple steps you can extend the life of your investment without taking too much time away from the people and activities you love most. Sometimes the most simple methods are also the best…

How to Clean a Sectional

-by Isaac Age 4

  1. 1. Get the vacuum cleaner out of the closet
  2. 2. Stick the wide fuzzy piece on the end of the long tube-y piece
  3. 3. Have an adult help you plug the vacuum into the wall (Never play with electricity!)
  4. 4. Throw all the cushions on the floor
  5. 5. Turn the vacuum on and brush back and forth underneath the cushions (Always check for coins the adults might have lost or M&M’s your brothers may have dropped)
  6. 6. Be sure to get both sides of the cushion seats and backs and especially the arms
  7. 7. Don’t forget to put everything back the way you found it

The Best Way To Clean UpholsteryHow To Clean Upholstery

Why to Clean a Sectional

by Isaac Age 4

  1. 1. Gives you big muscles
  2. 2. You get to play with Power Tools
  3. 3. You may find extra cash to buy Lego’s or candy, SCORE!
  4. 4. Mom & Dad will like you best (Everyone thinks babies are so cute but can they do this?!)

So for your next family game night break out your vacuum. Because all upholstery needs a little maintenance. And a little love.

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