Tips for Moving Furniture

Whether you are moving or rearranging, moving heavy furniture is a tough job. Using some simple techniques to move heavy, awkward items can save your back, house and furniture from injury and damage.

Carry Tall Items at an Angle and on End

A tall dresser, cabinet or shelving unit is hard to handle. This needs to be a job for two people. Tip the item backward at an angle while one person carries the top and the other person carries the bottom. The weight is centered and keeps the item from swinging.  If it’s taller than the door opening, start the top away from the door to gain room for clearance.

Moving Accessories

There are several accessories that can help you move large pieces of furniture with ease. Moving and lifting straps take the weight off your back and leave your hands free to maneuver awkward items. Be sure to adjust the strap so it’s suited for your height. Furniture slides are also available in many shapes and sizes or you can make your own from bedspreads, blankets, towels or carpet remnants. These sliders can help you move heavy furniture pieces by simply sliding them across the floor. Hard plastic sliders are preferable for carpeting. Ramps are also helpful and can be made from lumber, scaffold planks or blocks.

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