Adjustable Beds are for Everyone – Not Just Hospitals

There’s a common misconception that adjustable beds are just for hospital patients.  Nothing could be further from the truth. People of all ages and lifestyles can benefit from the features of an adjustable bed.

Making Life Easier

Adjustable beds are perfect for active, modern lifestyles. They provide working professionals a comfortable place to work on their laptop and a comfortable spot to relax after a stressful workday.   An adjustable bed also makes reading, watching TV and lounging easier and much more comfortable for people of all ages.

Improved Health

Adjustable beds not only provide comfort, but they can also provide added health benefits. These include reduced snoring and acid reflux effects, reduced lower back pain, and improved circulation. Heartburn, asthma and arthritis symptoms can also be alleviated. Elevated sleeping positions and the massage feature popular on many models today can help many health issues, provide stress relief and a better night’s sleep.

Investing in an adjustable bed can change and improve your life with more sleep and overall health benefits . Crowley Furniture carries several types of adjustable beds and foundations and we can help you select the best fit for your needs.   Call us today or come on in to one of our stores and talk to an expert. We are your local and trusted furniture company for over 60 years and committed to providing quality adjustable beds in Kansas City at a competitive price.

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