Loving The Space You Live In

There is no magic formula to loving the space you live in. It takes time and diligence to find furniture, paint and accessories to create a space that is pleasing to your eye, cozy and that will work well for your family and lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake in your purchasing but impulse purchases are not the best idea. Collecting photographs of spaces that are appealing to you and coming up with a budget is imperative to your success. If you are low on funds, many aspects of your perfect space can be done on a DIY basis, for instance, revamping an old lamp, embellishing picture frames and other wall décor, painting the room yourself instead of hiring a professional and using items you already own. Be sure to spend the bulk of your budget on good quality, sturdy furniture that will stand the test of time and can be altered by changing the colors of throw pillows, draperies, rugs and wall décor. Crowley Furniture is proud to offer the best designers in Kansas City at three locations to assist you in creating a space you will love, relax in and enjoy for years to come.

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