Creating A Cozy Reading Nook

Calling all bookworms!! Do you enjoy relaxing with a book whether it be hardback, paperback or on an e-reader or tablet but cannot seem to find a cozy, quiet place in your home to sit and read? If your spouse is snoozing in your bedroom and the kids are gaming in your living room, it’s time to create your own reading nook. This serene, personal space should reflect your personality and relaxation needs.
After finding a quiet place in your home, it’s time to choose three essential pieces to complete your reading nook. Your spot needs a comfy chair. It can be a recliner, a chair with dense seat cushions and ottoman, a small love seat or an elegant chaise. Next, choosing an end table that screams practicality while adhering to your personal decorating style is a must. Not only is an end table used for a resting place for your favorite beverage, many are now equipped with electrical outlets and charging ports for your convenience. The last essential piece to complete your reading space is a stylish lamp. Choosing an adjustable floor or table lamp will ensure your reading material is well lit. Adding a few personal accessories such as special photographs, a super soft throw or knick knacks will complete your reading nook and create a relaxing space for you to get away from it all.

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