Designing A Home Office

The home office plays a variety of roles for many families including a 9-5 place of business, a place to pay bills, sort mail and store important documents, homework spot, computer gaming area and many more. In addition, many of us do not have a room dedicated for an office, instead we are using extra space in the kitchen, spare bedroom, living room, attic, basement or whatever nook we can find. When planning your home office space there are many things to take into consideration. Examining the overall function of your office and how much usage it is going to get is the first step. Is this a space you are actually running a business out of? If so, a larger space is needed in order to keep the professional business and family business separate. In this instance, having more than one desk or having a larger desk for the business and a smaller counter area for the family is a good suggestion. If the office is for general family usage, organization is key but a smaller space with one work area is sufficient.
Once the actual space and function have been determined, it is time to look at office furniture. There are a wide range of desks and workspace options available but the most important components to include are a lot of surface space, deep drawers and a high quality, durable material. Ample storage space can be achieved using shelving units and filing cabinets. Add a comfortable chair and additional seating area and your home office is almost complete.
When designing your home office, there is an opportunity to show your personality and lifestyle through photographs, knick knacks and accessories. Adding vibrant colors with a touch of whimsy through window treatments, pillows, rugs, lamps and art can brighten up your space and make this extension of your home welcoming and comfortable.

Our designers at Crowley Furniture Kansas City are ready to help you whether it’s full scale design or just some helpful tips. Call us today!

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