Creating A Cozy Guest Room Retreat

Creating a Cozy Guest Room Retreat

There are several elements that come together to create a welcoming retreat for your out of town guests. It is important to survey your space before choosing furniture so as not to overcrowd the room. If it is a small space, a futon, sofa bed, day bed or trundle may be more appropriate but if space is not an issue, a queen sized bed with a quality mattress is a good choice. Two nightstands with bedside lighting provides a space for your guests to charge their phones, read and relax without having to get up to turn off the lights. If space allows, a small seating area such as a bench or upholstered chair will give your guests a place to put on their shoes or unwind with a magazine. A chest of drawers, hooks on the wall and or hanging space in the closet enables them to unpack and feel a bit more at home.

Luxury linens, 200 or more thread count sheets, and fluffy pillows and extra blankets are essential. Spraying your sheets with a soothing linen spray will add to the tranquil atmosphere. The bathroom should be stocked with plush towels in all sizes along with travel sized toiletries and a cozy robe and slippers. Some other finishing touches to create a cozy guest room are bottled water, fresh flowers and a printed card with your WiFi password. Following these guidelines and tips will help you to create a guest room retreat with all of the comforts of home. Crowley Furniture has three locations in Kansas City and can assist you in purchasing bedroom furniture appropriate for your guest room makeover.`

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