Sealy Mattress Company: Brand Spotlight

Crowley will always strive to bring you the best in terms of quality and production. One of our favorite brands is Sealy Mattress Company, and with over 125 years of mattress production success, we are reasonably sure they are Americas favorite company too.


Sealy was founded in 1881 in Sealy, Texas by Daniel Haynes. He started with just one mattress order and from then on more orders started rolling in. The company rapidly grew to be successful. By 1986 he sold his company to another texas company that retained the Sealy name. This company propelled the Sealy Mattress Company even further and by 1920 they operated factories in many regions and Sealy was quickly turned into a household name.


Even through American hardships, such as the Great Depression, Sealy managed to not only stay in business but continue to flourish. They crafted the infamous Sealy Posturepedic Mattress and created and advertised the first King Size bed. In 1983, Sealy acquired Stearns and Foster Mattress Company and when the two combined they soon garnered a reputation as a refined luxury brand with immaculate craftmanship.


Fast forward to today, this number one mattress company has held the position for over 30 years and operates over 25 factories throughout the United States. 125 years of excellence, we don’t see the reign falling anytime soon.


Sealy Mattress

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