Interior Decorating Tips

When it comes to personal style, there is really no wrong or right way to express yourself. But we still like to help you organize your home and surroundings into a attractive and comfortable atmosphere. Style embodies everything that you love and is a visual representation of who you are as a person. This applies to all aspects of life, fashion, music, entertainment and even decoration style. earlier we acquainted you with the different types of furniture styles (to recap click here)

When it comes to interior decorating you have to think like an artist. When a artist creates a masterpiece they take into account negative space, understand color, and create a focal point.

NEGATIVE SPACE: Negative space is simply the empty space in the room. So simple, yet so important. Have you ever hung up a picture frame and something just seemed….off? Then you moved it just a little to the right and BAM! Perfect. Thats the use of negative space. Negative space is all about balance. Does that mean everything must be perfectly centered? No, it just means everything in your space needs to have breathing room. No overcrowding and no under used space to create a room that works in harmony.

UNDERSTAND COLOR: Color affects your mood and emotions subconsciously. Choose colors that will give you a positive mood increase or portray the emotion you are trying to convey. Looking for a relaxing bedroom or reading room? Choose soft blues and muted greens. Want a warm and cheery receiving room or living room? Go for bright yellow or even a nice cream with bright accents. Reds give a feeling of passion and energy, try throwing that on a wall in your kitchen and see if your cooking improves. Purple gives the feeling of opulence and richness, use it in a bathroom with gold accents and feel like a royalty. Have fun playing with different colors to see how the atmosphere in your area changes.

FOCAL POINT: Choose one dynamic piece of decoration to be the dominating focus in your room. When you have multiple dynamic pieces that creates a cacophony of confusion and chaos to the occupant of the room. They don’t know where to look and they will experience anxiousness without a clear reason as to why. Instead find that one amazing piece of pottery, beautiful painting or captivating wooden wall art and then more muted accent piece to compliment it and work in harmony to create a beautiful room.

All these tips when used together help you create a beautiful atmosphere that still speaks to your own personal style. If you need more help dont forget that Crowley has a interior design team to help you figure it all out Happy decorating!

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