Home Office Furniture Tips

More people than ever are working from their homes. In fact, according to Forbes magazine, 30 million Americans have begun telecommuting at least once a week. That figure is expected to rise by 63% in the years to come. Of course, one thing all those people will need is home office furniture. So here are some tips for making a comfortable, attractive, and productive in-house workstation.

Assess Your Needs
What kind of work will you be doing? Will clients be dropping by to see you? Will you be using specialized equipment that requires a certain kind of space and environment? These factors and more can affect the types of furnishings you choose. For example, design professionals may need to project a trendy, innovative look—the kind that modern-style home office furniture in Kansas City affords. On the other hand, attorneys, accountants, and members of other traditional professions might want to choose furnishings that project an air of refinement and heritage. Of course, if you won’t have customers visiting you, feel free to use whatever matches your personal tastes.

Count Your Time
Working from home is not the same as working at home. Salespeople and other professionals may spend much of their time on the road, only using their home office a few minutes or hours each day. The less time you spend in your office, the more you can choose style over comfort.
By the same token, those who use their office four or more hours a day will need to give priority to comfort, even if this limits their choices in home office furniture in Lee’s Summit. For example, a basic wooden chair is fine for sitting in a few minutes at a time. On the other hand, those who will be seated for longer periods will probably want a padded office chair with lumbar support and arm rests.

Actually, one of the most common problems home-based workers encounter when setting up their office is limited space. If this is true in your case, keep a couple of things in mind:
Virtually any area can be turned into a serviceable workspace with a little imagination and ingenuity. Wonderful home offices can be found in closets, on enclosed porches, and under stairwells. Basements also make for useful office space, though you may need to set up a dehumidifier to prevent moisture-related damage to your home office furniture and files.
Multipurpose units can serve double or triple duty as desks, bookcases, or printer stands. For example, secretary desks combine a work platform with ample storage for office supplies, books, and a laptop computer/printer, yet many of them fit easily into the corner of a room. Tower desks serve the same purpose, as do slant top desks. If you need help making the most of limited workspace, then contact the professionals at our in-store furniture design center for advice.

Home office furniture is an investment and should be regarded as such. So-called “bargain” pieces may save you a little money up-front, but they rarely offer satisfaction over the long term. That’s why you owe it to yourself to drop by Crowley Furniture. We sell premium-quality home office furnishings that will give you decades of satisfaction and dependable performance. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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