Shopping For A New Mattress?

Generally speaking, it is difficult to write a blog and make a recommendation for a specific mattress that will solve all your sleep problems.  Why?  Because everyone has a different body with different support needs, different weight distributions, etc.  Telling me that you’re 6’1 and 195 lbs. over the phone doesn’t tell me if you carry your weight in your stomach, or if you have really broad shoulders, or if you have chicken legs.  Telling me that you sleep on your side does not tell me if your legs are stretched out or pulled up to your chest, or if your arm is under your pillow.  Telling me that you have occasional lower back pain does not tell me if it hurts after you go running, if you have a demanding job, etc.  Telling me that you have a herniated disc in your back doesn’t tell me what position is the most comfortable for you to sleep in, or if your doctor has recommended a specific type of mattress or way of sleeping.  You get the drift?

So, when you are shopping for a mattress in Kansas City, the fine folks at Crowley Furniture can educate you about the different brands and which brands have the broadest appeal.  We can also tell you which comfort levels are usually better for which types of sleeper, to be used as a loose guideline.  So what’s a customer to do?  Come to your closest Crowley Furniture store where you will find a broad range of mattresses to choose from and sleep experts  that know what they’re talking about.  They will ask you a million questions about your body and sleep habits to help narrow your search to find the right mattress for you.

See you soon!

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