Office furniture to suit your personality

Looking for Office Furniture in Kansas City?


The days are gone when office furniture had to be utilitarian and boring. With the lifestyle of today office furniture needs to be pleasant looking and most important of all, it need to be comfortable.

With many hours spent in an office environment, you do not want your day to be a drudge, so creating an atmosphere to keep you happy and smiling is the way while you work.

The desk

Many people spend a considerable amount of time on the computer, so it is essential to have a desk with good workspace. Modern designs of desk furniture include pull out sections for keyboards and easy to reach cubby- holes for pens and other miscellaneous items. Alternatively, maybe your preference is a desk with drawers to keep your bits and pieces in.

Desks are no longer confined to spaces in commercial ventures. Many people now prefer to work from home as this offers a more peaceful working environment. Made out of wood, plastic or even steel, desks come in all shapes and sizes, dependant on the amount of room space you can allocate for them.

Often the traditional style of desk is made with material that is low-grade and fussily styled. The trend now is to go for a sleek and easy to clean desk that at the same time is pleasant looking.

The Chair

It is very important to use an office chair with a good backrest. The high back office chairs are the most beneficial for your posture, as they give good support for your back. Office chairs may be covered in leather, leatherette, fabric or plastic, or else can come in a shaped plastic chair. They are produced with, or without armrests. A good idea is to pay a visit to a branch of Crowley Furniture and have a look at what they have on offer. Sit in the chairs on display in the showroom and find one that you are really comfortable in, before you buy.

The bookcase

With a home office in so many houses, bookcases look so much more relaxing than the stuffy old filing cabinets of the past. With computer use now the most common, there is no need to have lots of files and paperwork lying around untidily cluttering up spaces. Usually it is possible for most equipment that you want to use, to lay on a bookcase shelf.

Design and décor

The design and the décor of your office should be representative of the work that you do. If you work with plans and other blueprints, you require lots of desk space. If you only work with a computer, then only a relatively small space is needed.

Pot plants and a colored rug on the floor give a bright and cheerful look to an office, whether in an office block or else an office at home. Remember to have a chair for guests to sit on or for an employee that you are giving lengthy instructions.

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